Hello All,

Me and my buddy arrived last night direct from Denver. Flight was non-eventul; I am happy to say that I didn't get sick this time over as a repeat from my last trip in March 2012.

One Lucky Dogg Transportation (Bob) was ready and waiting for me after we left customs - Very friendly. I would recommend their service to others. (I will post a review specific for their service in another thread).

Have I told you how much I am impressed with La Amistad?!?! I checked in to room 312 - I love the room!! Space, Bar, Jacuzzi, sauna, fridge, 2 sofas, balcony, dining table. As I have said before the water pressure is AWESOME!!!! If you have not had a chance to stay at La Amistad I would encourage you to stop by and check out the rooms for your next stay. The staff is friendly, courteous, and they are interested in everyone leaving with a great experience.

We checked in - i talked with the owner for a while, met some other guys that come down from time to time. My buddy is on his first trip to SJO so I had to show him the HDR - he explained it as "it's like I stepped into the internet".

We had a few imperials, dinner at the Del Mar, talked with a few girls - I was really looking forward to getting my first action, but with arriving late, drinking some beers, and not feeling the connection with the girls I decided to wait until the next day -- I pursued one girl, but talking with her through the interview process I realized quickly that she wasn't what I wanted.

I will continue this trip report in the VIP section- including some pictures too. I would encourage you to become a VIP member - this is a great site with some great information.

Hello All,

Day 2 is in the books!

The beds at La Amistad are the most comfortable beds I have ever been in worldwide!! On weekends the train doesn't run, but during the week it does pass near the hotel and can be noticeable depending on the person. It is nothing that ear plugs can't solve if you are light sleeper - if sunlight bothers you bring an eye mask as well. I have both. LA offers a free breakfast with your stay for the eggs, toast,
pancakes, frenchtoast, juice, coffee and a nominal fee or meat and/or potatoes. It is a great way to start your day.

After breakfast, myself, my buddy, and Don (business partner with Matt for the restaurant/bar) went to the HDR for some coffee - I am not a coffee drinker, but there is something about the HDR coffee...I love it! It was slow with about 10 - 15 girls hanging around. It's too early for me to pull the trigger in the morning, but there were a few that were trying to encourage a little action. We walked by NF before hitting the HDR, but they were still closed. After the HDR we went back to NF and had a few beers - I spent time with Roxanna. very beautiful. 18,000c for 30 minutes. She was prepared and interested in making sure that I was happy. It was a great 30 minutes. It was my first time there and I really like the place. They had just finished adding a couple of room or remodeling them down stairs and they were nice and private.

I always think its funny to the americans sit with the girls and talk with them while to the ticos stand on the opposite side and stare without saying anything..LOL

After NF, head back to LA - I love hanging out at the bar or porch area and chatting with the guys there. It nice to be so close to the action if you want it, but also nice to be away from it too! This is one trait of LA that I like.

After a little socializing my buddy and I went back to the sweet and starting drinking some Crown Royal - two 750ml bottles from Duty Free in Denver for $45USD. We were hanging out in the balcony discussing a plan for the next 2 days in SJO before heading to the beach in Cahuita on Tuesday. We decided that we were going to try and find a couple of friends that wanted to hang and party with us for the last 4 nights in SJO before leaving back for the US.

As I didn't expect that until after the 20th, it happened this night..

After relaxing in the PH, we went back down to the bar and then decided to go to the Argentina Steak House near Tin Hoe (spelling?). $30 for an awesome steak dinner!! You need a reservation before you go - it was packed on Sunday night!! Short cab ride from LA 890c - short walk back to LA - we had 5 in our group. Started with 2, then 3, then 4, and then 5...LOL Great food, excellente waiter too!!!

After dinner, went o HDR..played Tute -- lost $60. I always play the max bonus of 1000c - you play for the bonus, dumb game, but addictive...LOL

I saw one chica that I wanted to talk with but couldn't find after I left the table. We depart for SL. It was slow and not much happening. There are a couple of girls - one very dark complexion and another very light complexion. I am drawn to the the light complexion, and glad my buddy didn't mind the dark complexion.

They were stone cold set on $100 for 1 hour -- we paid them $70ea for 3 hours. You don't have to pay full asking price. There is a difference between asking price and actual market value so to speak.

If you understand what you want and understand what you are asking for you can always talk them down. I will say however it helped to have a PH suite, crown royal, and a place to hang out with space. I specified no cell, no texting, and wanting uninterrupted attention - we were both very pleased. My buddy was new, so I had to negotiate for him as well - he speaks no spanish or very little at most.

Diana was the girl I was with - she was very sweet, friendly, and I would say a GF like experience. Her breasts were natural and amazing. I got what I wanted and would spend time with her again. After 3 trips, this is best GF like experience. I hope to spend more time with her again.

My buddy spent time with the other girl, but I forget her name. He had a good time, but with all the alcol that he drank, I think he had some performance issues but was happy with the experience and she was sweet and friendly and into making him as satisfied as she could.

The girls were exhausted by the time they reached the top of all the stairs - it was comical after reading other comments on this board about tat...we all had a good laugh as I kept saying una mas 5 times...HAHAHA

I will post pics when I get back to the states - pics are to big from this iPad.

DAY 3 (2/11/2013 - Monday)

This day was uneventful for the most part - mainly recovering from the night before...

My buddy was still really hung-over, so I went to go get the bus tickets on a solo journey. I went to the Caribe Terminal to only be told I had to go to the San Carlos Terminal. The map I used from the hotel is a good map, but doesn't capture all the in between streets - so I had to ask directions about 3 times before I made it. It was probably a good 45 min walk to the terminal.

A direct ticket to Cahuita was less than $5000c.

After I got back I mainly hung out in the hotel - I spent some time in the PH Suite relaxing, but also time at the bar hanging with others shootin the shit.

My buddy was finally ready to make way and we went to the SL for some dinner. He had the seabass, and I had the fish sticks - The meals were decent and met its purpose.

There was this girl that came up - she spoke what sounded to be fluent Englinsh; her dad is from the US. She sits down, has a little wit, says she likes my eyes - than POW, she asks me for $20USD to pay a debt and says she can pay be back in 15 minutes where he friend gets there...LOL I said "No conozco" and she was on to the next mark...LOL

I called it a night early - I wanted to be rested for the next days trip to Cahuita.

DAY 4 Tuesday (02/12/13)
DAY 5 Wednesday
DAY 6 Thursday
DAY 7 Friday
DAY 8 Saturday
DAY 9 Sunday
DAY 10 Monday

After a good night of sleep, an excellent breakfast, and checkout at La Amistad me and my buddy made way for the San Carlos Bus Terminal. It was very non-eventful. We arrived at the terminal about 30 minutes before departure; bus started to board 15 minutes before departure.

It took about 4 1/2 hours; though 4 hours is stated. There was no AC, but the ride was comfortable.

Cahuita is a small town - There is not a lot to do. A few bars, a couple of grocery stores, a couple of sodas, a few restuarants, and even a pet Some have said you would be bored, and I would have agree. However, it was what I was looking for. It is a nice change of pace.

Playa Negra is the closest beach the house I rented. About 3 minute walk to Playa Negra. The beach was a lot of small waves, and not really good for swimming.

Playa Cahuita is inside the National Park here --- AMAZING!!! I have done the 5 mile hike round trip to the point and back while stopping on the beach for a great swim - water is calm, perfect temp too.

I saw more than a few howler Monkey's, white face monkey's, geckos, crabs, bats, yellow vipers, several birds, and even a few sloths while on the daily hikes through the national park.

I am debating on cutting this trip a little short to get back to San Jose...LOL I love it here, but thinking that I am ready to leave the heat behind...the days will tell. I will minimally be back on the 19th if not a day sooner.

DAY 9 Sunday 2/17/13

Ok, we never made it the full 7 days; we cut it short and headed back to San Jose yesterday (Sunday). Very easy bus ride back; 4 hours this time - not a full bus so it was great to have 2 seats to myself.

Cahuita was nice, but it was nice to be back in the city - just more comfortable. I would definitely go back, but it would be for only 3 days the next time to experience the park again.

We got back about 2pm - didn't have reservations at LA since coming back 2 days earlier, but Rudy found us each a room.

We wanted some familiar food so we headed to the pedestrian mall and hit McDonalds. We got back had a beer or 2, I called same family with the free calls to the US.

I headed to HDR to play some Tute'; played about 15 hands before I hit a straight and won $100 - I always play the max bonus of $1000c.

Ate dinner at SL - did not really find a girl that caught my fancy so called it an early night.
DAY 10 Monday (2/18/2013)

MONDAY -- It was a beautiful day in SAN JOSE! (Of course everyday is a beautiful day in SJO).

I was determined to get to the ZOO this trip. It is an easy walk from LA, or the HDR, SL, **** Inn, NF, or anywhere in the gulch..LOL It cost $2300c (<$5USD) - the zoo was small, the animal cages/areas seemed to be small (IMO). Spyder Monkey's, White Face Monkey's, Lion, Ocelot, Jaguar, 2 Toed Sloth, Several types of parrots, snakes, turtles, Crocs, Raccoon, and some other animals. I got through the zoo in about 30 minutes and went back and watched the monkeys a bit more...sloth was sleeping, cats were sleeping, but it was something to see and was interesting to see a zoo in a different country.

Met a couple of other guys from FL - these were 2 cool guys to hang with!! They have a story from Jaco that is amazing to hear - I am hoping they will post on here. They are lucky to be alive!! Short snippet, they were dirt biking in Jaco, bike broke down on probably the most difficult trail - I will let them tell the rest.

There were a few of us that went to have lunch at Chubbs - their onion rings were awesome. Buffalo Chicken Salad, chicken wth rice, burger, and a pork chop dinner -- all the meals looked great. Value is not bad for what you get. From looking outside in, you don't really think of this sports bar where you can get some great food.

After lunch, I had to go and give in and play TUTE. I love the game for as silly as it I have hit 3 straights so far playing the max bonus of $1000c. ($100 for the bonus) Many people place 1/10th - 3/10th of mil colones - IMO it doesn't pay to play 20-60 cents for the bonus -- MAX is where it is at.

My buddy came down to the HDR and then we decided to drink some beers and scope out the girls. I ran into one of my first experiences from March 2011 - she is really nice and she is fun to be with. If you research my first trip report, you will note that I paid $60 back then. We didn't negotiate this time (which is new for me - I have never not negotiated before). We had fun, talked, had some drinks, went to KL, then went to LA. I paid $60,I was happy - she was happy.

Rest of the night was pretty tame - there was quite group hanging in the front porch area drinking beers and shooting the sh*t. 4 of us went back to DR - it was pretty packed last night. There were all shapes and sizes....some sizes that need to wear the coveralls in my opinion...LOL

It was funny as I thought the girl I was with was going home, only to see she was at the DR late....she was trying to get me to believe she was jealous as I was translating for my buddy with another girl...LOL

I have thought about the TLN or spending a day with a girl, but in the end I just like to get to business and be done with it until I am ready again....I am going off on a bit of a tangent here, but what type of companionship is one really getting when you are P4P?!?!? I guess I am just to smart for the illusion to occur.....LOL

I had another massage by Hazel at LA - it was my second, and have a 3rd scheduled for Friday. If you would like a legitimate massage with no funny business you cannot go wrong with Hazel - very professional.

Wednesday I decided to do a zip line tour, and then Thursday I am going to the waterfalls, Paos Volcano, and coffee plantation tour.

I went zip-lining - what an experience!! I forget the company, but they did a pretty good job, and they provided a CD with several pics. It was $25, and I think it was a great deal. The photographer had a lot of great shots for most of the platforms. I would definitely suggest this activity.

Went to Poaz Volcano, Coffee Plantation Tour, and waterfall tour. The Volcano was interesting, but it was cloudy so couldn't see much. The plantation tour was great - not being a coffee drinker normally, I learned a lot that I had no clue about. The best aspect of this day was the waterfall portion of the tour. The waterfalls were amazing, there were several animals, reptiles, insects, flora, and great food.

This day is a blur, but I do remember making an appt with Hazel for a massage. I was late by a half hour and caught her as she was leaving - I paid for the massage as I was paying for her time though I wasn't there. I felt so bad..she really gives a great massage, and she is very friendly as well.

This was February this past year - it was a great trip. Cuahita was amazing, but seriously HOT. It was great to get back to SJO -- the spring like conditions felt so refreshing.

I can't say enough about La Amistad and staff. Matt is a terrific owner who really does care about the guests experiences.

The Del Rey -I really enjoy the tute game -- I cannot lie. It fills the time when needing a break. Watch the eye candy, and the hope to win the bonus with a MAX bet.

I am now looking forward to my next adventure to MDE - I leave Wednesday. I have made several connections, and look forward to experiencing what I have been reading about.