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Thread: first trip (oct 2-10)

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    first trip (oct 2-10)

    this was my first trip (alone)
    I stayed at La Amistad (jonsie set it up) my thoughts
    -nice place I stayed in your standard queen room but partied a few times in the deluxe rooms
    when I go again and its for a shorter period I ll opted to stay in those I also went with the all inclusive (meals and booze)
    -food was great, beyond my expectations they have a wide menu with quality ingredients
    the owners where great, they drove us up to see a croc tour, then to Jaco for a meal, really nice guys will sit around and bullshit

    in comparison the night I landed the kitchen was closed so I wandered down the street to the lodge and got what the bartender said was the best thing on the menu, it was bland I didnt finish
    I ate at the mona lisa around the corner again, not the best food

    the place is very mellow, girls arent allowed there unless you bring them back
    clean, comfy beds, the staff there are all excellent
    very laid back place, I ended up talking to many people that have made it there place of choice after staying everywhere in the area
    easy to talk to people, ended up making some wing men and buds
    (I dont work for them serious)

    but to break down the places I went and tested
    -down the street at the lodge I would say the talent level is on average an 6-7 in comparison to the Ray
    dont get me wrong there are a few lookers but on average, one of the bartenders there was great

    -new fantasy didnt really do it for me most of the girls werent that attractive and those little rooms werent the best, first time I went it was
    36 second time I went, she wanted 50 we agreed to 40, and next time I went was 50 again, again back to 40
    - we wandered into HLH a couple times and it was still under renos but there were girls sitting about again nothing to my liking so off we went

    one of my nights there Jonsie was around and took us on a small tour, the strip/mp places where pretty interesting
    a few lookers at both Alcazar and Nicoles ( if I go back soon both will be on the to do list)

    I ended up spending most of my time and money at the Del Ray
    after a few hectic nights I decided to go during the afternoon a way different feel and selection of ladies
    I ended up with what they told me college students and they were far less aggressive and far more accommodating

    key largo across the street is pretty fun to, if you can dance a little bit the ladies seemed to have some fun with you
    being a Chino (haha) I sometime felt I was being over charged compared to my Gringo counterparts
    was an experience though and I will go again just not sure when

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    Thanks for the info, great meeting you while you were in town.

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    haha I didnt get my card still and an updated map
    next time Im there I ll for sure give you a better heads up

    we ended back down near Nicoles but got lost on foot
    my one buddy was shitting bricks because it was the "hood" some kid ended up giving us directions

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