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Thread: Short Jaco Trip

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    Short Jaco Trip

    Went to Jaco for work and did some research. Stayed at the Vista Mar Condos and fished out of the Cocal.

    We arrived on a Thursday night, checked in, and hit the pool. The guys I went with didn't speak any Spanish, so I waited until they were sorted out before I grabbed my pick.

    Can't remember her name, so I'll call her doll face. Doll face has a really pretty face, and a great thin body. I later found out she does drugs, which explained her weird disposition. I didn't really have to argue with her about the uncovered blowjob, and the sex was pretty decent, but she was distant and absent. Which for some strange reason turned me on. But I'm strange like that. Doll Face wouldn't allow pics of her face, sorry guys...

    Doll face


    Friday was spent in Manuel Antonio looking at property with my buddies. Manuel Antonio is absolutely beautiful, but not really a monger spot. Mostly couples and gay folks.

    I had to run back into San Jose Friday night, so I wasn't able to monger, I heard the guys had a blast.

    Saturday night was a blast. Hanging out with the guys and goofing off. I get so caught up in the business and politics of Costa Rica's scene, that I forget how much I enjoy the camaraderie of mongering with the guys. We got back to the Cocal and the pool scene was lively. Some crazy lovely girls. There was this hot little surfer girl, who's name I also can't remember, that just did it for me. When I say surfer girl, I mean she surfs. I asked her about the local surf, and she explained the different boards she uses and where the local breaks were. She had a hot little athletic body, she was 19, and she smiled a lot. So I pulled.

    Surfer Girl didn't want to blow me without the bag, and took forever to persuade. Luckily, she finally relented and did a mediocre job. What set her apart was that she took an unusual interest in my balls. She gave me a ball massage for about 10-12 minutes. Interesting... Finally, Surfer Girl had a very nice, tight pussy. She's 19 with no kids, and it was a lot of fun banging her.

    Surfer Girl


    Sunday was spent in Manuel Antonio again, and we headed straight back to San Jose at that point.

    Overview and Conclusions:

    The covered blowjob seems to be the norm in Jaco. Many of the girls hold a hard line about this. Also, I'd say a strong majority of the girls do drugs. While the talent in Jaco is usually much better than San Jose, the service in San Jose is a lot better.

    One of the guys, who I'll call Mahatma Mandela, had an arrangement for an all nighter with a girl. While the first part went well, we all went to breakfast at about 1am. He made the mistake of paying her then, and as soon as the money hit her hand, she mentioned that she had to leave no later than 5am. The other guy, who I'll call Richie Cunningham, had an arrangement with 2 girls for an all nighter, after the first round, he paid them, to which they both needed to go to the store, and never came back. My point is, the girls in Jaco tend to be mercenaries.

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    Looks as if Surfer Girl could be a gringa

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    Ha. A dark skinned gringa that speaks very little English.

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