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Thread: Happy Birthday Ticaland

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    Happy Birthday Ticaland


    It's been exactly a year since Ticaland was launched. It's been an interesting journey.

    Last June, the owners of the **** Inn asked me to build this site because they thought they were being treated unfairly by crt members. After I built the site, they stiffed me on the start up costs. I liked the way the site turned out, so I decided to make a go of it. A year later, it turns out some other people like it as well. Here's our progress.

    - 2,471 New Registrations (added to the 3k+ import from monger network)

    - Alexa Ranking of 467,963 as of today

    - Average of 400+ visits per day (4,000+ hits)

    All of this in a record downturn for Costa Rica tourism.

    Our explosive growth has not gone unnoticed by those who choose slander over innovation. So be it. There are far less of those voices today than there were a year ago. Let's see how many are still around a year from now...

    I would like to give a very sincere thanks to all the guys who participate in Ticaland. You guys that report your experience, post pics, give advise to the new guys, and not least, you Lifetime Members that pay the bills.

    To celebrate our anniversary, Ticaland will have 2-1 upgrade for the rest of August. Every person who buys a lifetime membership for $39 can bring a buddy for free.

    Furthermore, should you run into me in person in the gulch, I will give you lifetime membership for $10.

    The future looks bright gents. All thanks to you.

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    I hope the site continues to improve and informing its members about issues we share.

    Ticaland Congratulations!!!

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    Congrats! Since this site launched I can count my time spent on the other site on one hand. Well done!

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    Happy Birthday
    I did not know this site was new like that, I just became vip member a month ago , even doe i'm only may be going one time to Costa Rica, Because coming from Belgium , it is a little far out , but the info i find here made it worthwhile to become a member , and who knowes maybe I will get bitten by the Costa Rica monger bug and visit this country again, anyway thanks and a job well done ,see you in September

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