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    Cool Three Input Girls

    Ok Mongers and Sportsfans.. I will be taking my first trip to CR in 20 days and found Jonesey's site here to be pretty insightful. Here are some questions that I have.

    Are the bartenders at the Del Rey eligible for sex? I have seen some succulent delecti on the webcam.
    I like 3 input girls... What is the ratio of those in Del Rey and other bars. How much more do they charge to let me grade the dirt road?

    What is the word on taking pictures or video of the girls once I get them to my room?

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    The bartenders are at times, but it's much more complicated, and much more expensive.

    3 input girls = Girls who provide anal. That is something you'd have to discuss beforehand. The majority of girls do not, so it's best to know going in.

    I've never had that many problems getting pics, but some guys report otherwise. I've found that window after you've fucked them, and before you've paid them is the best time to ask...

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    "3 input girls"...ha that's a new one. I don't know as much as Jonesie obviously but watch out for scams on that one- I got ripped off pretty bad at Taverna Vips (place next to Mona Lisa) where they upsold it mid session and when I went to cash in she pretended she never agreed to it. You live you learn I guess.

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    I wouldn't waste my time trying to get the bar tenders. Your in cr where there loads of girls on other side of bar more then willing to go with you and much easier. I've seen guys waste hours sitting at bar buying drinks and get no where. I've also seen guys click with a bar tender and go hang out with them at local bars after work and back to there places for no money. But on avg I'd say it's a waste of time. As jonsie said always negotiate everything before you leave bar. Also with pics I've never had a problem most of them are game for it a lot of times on promise I don't post on Internet witch I respect. Also I've always found a lot of them are more respective to taking pics clothes on if that's all u can get its better then nothing. Hope that helps

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    I find the whole "she's regular girl since she is a bartender" belief to be quite laughable. There always is a price, but why even go there? Most of the gringos that come here that fawn all over these stupid bartender women ,all it does is go to their ego's and then they think they are "special".

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    The bartenders are not worth wasting your time and money. There are lots of girls ready and willing to go right now. Pictures can be taken with their consent usually as long as you say you will not post them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltygunny View Post
    The bartenders are not worth wasting your time and money. There are lots of girls ready and willing to go right now. Pictures can be taken with their consent usually as long as you say you will not post them.
    100% agree. For the monger, or even for the guy looking for a Regular Girl or a Girlfriend, Bartenders are mostly a waste of time:

    1) You have no way of knowing if a Bartender is even Available. By available, I mean like a regular girl, not a hooker. Of course, All Girls are Available, if you (or your wallet) is what she wants. If she doesn't know you well, she might tell you that she is Single, has a Boyfriend, is a Lesbian or has a Husband. Whatever she says, it's just as likely to be false as it is true. It's said to get the response that she wants from you, whether that is that she's interested or wants you to just leave her alone.

    2) Bartenders are the most vicious sharks in the water. I Guarantee that every single female bartender at HDR, SL, Key Largo, etc. has 20 dudes that are better looking, richer, and more charming than every dude on this board (including me) put together, that are willing to do whatever it takes to get her from the bar to the bed -- and every single one of those Bartenders knows that. Now, that doesn't mean that you can't push the right buttons and take her home, but you're fighting against some terrible odds and some stiff competition.

    3) If money is the real issue with the Bartender, be ready to give her something that is closer to 4 figures than it is to 2 figures. If she really only wants cash, she has most of those 20 guys on speed-dial on her cell phone. With the push of a button, she can make $500 or more.

    If you really enjoy the challenge of chasing Bartenders, then go for it. I know several guys who say it's just thrilling to tag a Bartender. It's their favorite game, and you can tell when they've won because they are insufferably happy for the next 3 days.

    For the rest of us, there are tons of girls who are just as hot or hotter than the Bartender than will happily screw the life out of you for $100 or less, and you can go from meeting to bedroom in less than 10 minutes. If a regular girl is what you're after, Female Bartenders are among the most jaded and cynical people on the planet when it comes to Men. They've all seen how crude we can be and they have guys hitting on them constantly.

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