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    Site Security

    It seems the only way to keep the girls from seeing their pictures on Ticaland is to put the site out of reach for them. And with nothing to lose, pathetic members seem to think showing the girls their pics will get them some kind of discount on future services.

    Going forward, non paid members will no longer have access to photos. There will be members that provide content that will always be free, but the days of signing up for an account in five minutes just to show a girl the site are over.

    There still remains the reduced possibility that paid members will show off our pictures to girls. But understand I have no problem putting YOUR picture on this site to show the brotherhood who's been ratting them out to the other side.

    Lifetime VIP membership is $39. It comes with a discount card and complete access for life. I hope to see you on the other side.



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    try to apply for vip membership

    hey Jonesie,

    here a Belgian guy who try apply by giving up my credit card info , then i saw it was not an online payment , so i don't know how this works

    is my info out there for all to see? i live in South Korea and will get a message on my phone when my card is being used .

    could you let me know if the payment gone true or shall i just pay you in cash in september in C.R. if you are there

    i would also use the card to get 10% discount on a 5 night stay at Cocal in Jaco

    ok that's all for now

    o yesone more thing , Jonesie do they also call you the Mayor sometimes ?????

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    Do you have to buy lifetime membership for each site?

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    Not while I own both sites... But, they are separate sites, you still have to register at the other and let me know to upgrade you. Takes a minute tops.

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