I`m speaking of the place around the corner from Pantera Rosa, in the same area as Relax.

I was in there last week, bought a soda, sat around about 20 minutes or so, and all I saw available was three Gorditas. As I was leaving this young kid with a stack of towels under his arms, probably early to mid 20s, short black hair, scruffy facial hair, and wearing a pair of gold colored earrings, same guy that sold me the soda, starts to hit me up in broken English bragging on all the girls he was supposed to have a bit later.

But anyway, I cabbed it over to 360, the spot near the Toyota place, had a decent one hour session, then cabbed it back to La Mansion, only to find the exact three, bored & apathetic Gorditas slumped on the couches. Nonetheless, I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt, bought another soda, but this time from a different, taller and bigger guy.

I then sat around another 20 minutes, no change in the scenery so I decided to leave, but as I headed out the door I was in for a surprise. The towel boy with the earrings follows me out and starts accusing me of walking out without paying for my soda, or "fresca" as he called it. And he was quite the lousy liar as he was never able to look me in the eyes. I not only paid for my soda but left a 500 colones tip, and I told him the same in Spanish so there could be no mistaking, "me pagado otro hombre, propina tambien." It`s also policy in that place and in places like it to collect when served, and I had been sitting around unmolested for 20 minutes. The POS knew better, but decided to try and hustle a few bucks out of a tourist...

At that point I had a decision to make. I was alone. I looked up and down the street. He had help inside, plus in any altercation I`d bet the police would take his word over mine. I reached in my pocket, pulled out my coins, handed him 1 mil, and walked off. That was the end of it. I didn`t want him to see my bills... He never did look me in the eye. Would be nice if someone can get a picture of this twerp up here... :-)

This said, I`m confident that some will be able to come along at some point and claim that had no problems at this place. Neither did I the first time I went there. Though this happened the second time, and I post this in the hopes of helping some other gringo travelers. If you see this fuck, watch him...

P.S. No, I`m not going around in Bermuda shorts, flowered shirt, with Nikes and white socks. I go in jeans, t-shirt, and have many trips under my belt.