Interesting enough, Ticaland was something I had in the back of my mind, but didn't really plan to execute the idea at the time. I was busy with Monger Network's Colombia section and hadn't planned to open any new projects for a while.

I was approached by the owners of the Dunn Inn and asked to build a site to counter CRT's influence. At the time, they were reeling from the fallout of firing Boyd, and were looking to have a more friendly media outlet. Even if it meant having one built.

They offered to fund the building and marketing of this site, in exchange for half ownership stake. And no doubt, delete access to any critical comments from their many critics.

As the site launched, Jack and Victor never did find their checkbooks...

I like to think that a lot of things in life happen for a reason, even though we don't always know them at the time. They went on to have similar partings with several other managers and seem to be the common denominator of frequent disputes and 'misunderstandings' that occur when people do business with the Dunn Inn.

I'd like to think they did Ticaland a favor not buying in. How many true complaints would I have been asked to delete over the years under such a partnership? How credible would the content of this site be after a few dozen such incidents?

I could have picked up that snake hoping it wouldn't bite me, even though it had bitten everyone prior. Or I can just be grateful the snake ran from me...