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Thread: Best way to send money to girls in Costa Rica

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekismet View Post
    Exceptions do occur. I met a woman at Dandy's (now called the Pirate Club) 13 years ago. It was her first time working as a P4P pro. She and I had "chemistry" so I got her phone number and we went out on a real date during the next afternoon at the zoo.

    One of the reasons I'm "rusty" about mongering in CR is because for the last 13 years I called and saw her every time I was in CR. I'm here usually once per month.

    Unfortunately for me but great for her, she fell in love with some high-ranking Tico that works for the court.

    Oh well.

    Having "Chemistry" with a girl in Costa Rica is definitely possible. It happens quite often. The problem with that situation is that most guys don't understand the "Reality" of the situation. You might be a girl's "Favorite". She might genuinely like you, and she probably marks her calendar, counting the days until you return.

    However, if you don't live in Costa Rica full-time... I Absolutely, Positively, Guarantee You... The very instant your aircraft lifts off the Runway at SJO, she is Fucking another Dude. The culture here is very different from the culture of the USA, Canada, and Western Europe. I have been with 3 girls that were absolutely, deeply in love -- positively SMITTEN -- with a Gringo. But, in Latina logic... That guy does not exist when he is not in Costa Rica. She'll show up at my house about 30 minutes after she kisses him goodbye at the airport. She'll say, "He's Gone. I want to Fuck!" In her mind, there is simply nothing wrong with that. Latinas usually treat men as "Throwaway" relationships. She'll look forward to your return... But she is definitely fucking at least one other guy when you're not in CR. Trust me... I've slept with quite a few women who have professed their Eternal, Undying love for a Gringo Tourist.

    On more than one occasion, I've been pile-driving a girl Doggie-Style, while she's tapping out an email to her "Beau" in the USA.
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