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Thread: Del Rey/Key Largo

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    Del Rey/Key Largo

    There are few places like the Del Rey anywhere in the world. Whether you're looking for company, or simply people watching. The Del Rey is a place everyone should see once in their lives.

    Far and wide, from pretty to pretty ugly, ladies come to bring their product to market. Some get several clients a night, some wait days to land a client.

    I love walking into the Del Rey and being scanned up and down like a piece of meat. I don't see why women have a problem with it... One thing is for sure, the Del Rey is Ground Zero for both hunter and prey.

    The Hunt:

    Most pretty girls will ask for cien, or $100. Is that flexible? It all depends. Some on your negotiating skills, a little on your willingness to let her walk away and keep looking. Sometimes you'll find a winner who will go for less. Sometimes you won't. Sometimes she'll find someone to pay cien, sometimes she won't.

    Here's a tip:

    The "A" team arrives at about 8pm on any given night. Not to say there are not winners before, but I'm generalizing.

    Look around the room and get an idea of the male/female ratio. If there are a ton of women and only a few guys, your chances are good of getting a bargain. If on the other hand, there are a bunch of gringos and only a few cute girls. Odds are you won't get under cien. Trust me, they're looking at the ratio too...

    As economic downturn hits Costa Rica, more women are nudged into being "entertainers" than ever. That increases the number of pretty girls in the game. It also increases the number of ugly girls, but I digress...

    Also, there are fewer gringos coming to Costa Rica than ever before. Major Airlines have cut flights. This tilts the dynamics in our favor as well.

    If you like to have dinner and watch the parade, food is brought from the Del Mar across the street. The food is actually pretty good, and it's one of the few decent restaurants open 24 hours.

    In short, check out the Del Rey. Even if you don't pick a chica, it's a damn good time...

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    Would you say that Del Rey is the place to find the absolute best talent in SJ? I'm wondering if there are legitimate alternatives or places that go unmentioned but that are perhaps more upscale. I am not at all familiar with SJ and thought it worth asking.

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    On certain nights, the Rey is the place. SL is decent before 8pm, and the Mona Lisa is getting a more vibrant night scene as well.

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    The hard-core "Cien" girls have evacuated to Jaco (mostly Cocal) in droves. There are still plenty of lookers left in SJ, but many are gone. In a way, it helps, because even though many of the hottest ones have moved to Jaco, a lot of them were the same girls that overcharged for poor service. By "moved" to Jaco, I mean that some of them have actually moved there, and some just commute from SJ and spend one or two nights there.

    On any given night, 90% of the hottest girls will be at HDR or KL. These girls will bounce back and forth between HDR and KL several times during the evening, so your best bet is to do a quick flyby at both places before selecting your date for the evening. If it's dead at HDR, then it's probably dead everywhere else in town -- although that is not always true.

    A lot of HDR girls will do a flyby at SL prior to going to HDR. Most would rather have a guy pull them from SL and then she can go home, rather than go to HDR. HDR is more difficult for the girls, and many of them don't like it. I have known a ton of girls that would go broke rather than walk into HDR, but that's where the men and the cash are, and eventually they cave. The SL "flyby" times tend to be around 8pm and 11pm.

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