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Thread: December Chica of the Month - Nicole

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    December Chica of the Month - Nicole


    Out with the guys on a Saturday night. First met at the Sportsmens Lodge, the talent was a little slow, it was in the afternoon, though. Went over to the Rey, not much there either. Went to the new Bond film, this day is full of disappointment. After the movie, stopped by the Rey again, a little talent, but mostly ex-hotties that are chubby now. Stopped by Nicole's, what was normally a safe bet to have talent, is not anymore. Next stop, Le Grillon. A couple of decent girls, but nothing special. Decided to swing by the Pirate Club to see if we could salvage the night. A couple doable girls, and then I saw a hot little spinner walk out.

    Nicole is a delicious little spinner with a pretty face and a cute little spinner body. She seems to be always smiling. Decided to pull.

    Up in the room, she gave me an exquisite bbbj. Licked the bottom of my balls perfectly while stroking my shaft. Excellent technique. The sex was nothing short of fantastic. Finally finished and rinsed off. In the shower, she washed my package and kneeled down and gave me a hummer for a few minutes. Nice touch...

    Cost: 17k colones ($34) plus tip ($20). Money well spent.




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    The Pirate Club really is a fantastic place.

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    I want some! How do I find out if she is working this week?

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    Pretty sure she's still at the pirate club.

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    very nice indeedy...i'll have to make a run to the pirate club on my next visit to SJO

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