Pulled this bitter pill last night from the Rey. It was all good before leaving the Rey, promises of pleasure beyond comprehension and such.

Back at my place, she pressed hard for money upfront. All the usual reasons she needed to be paid first. When I wouldn't budge, she wanted to leave. So I called her a taxi. As soon as I hung up, she relented and said ok. So I had to cancel the taxi.

Once undressed, she was as lame as a dead horse. Not wanting to give a blowjob, not wanting to be touched, etc..

While I was fucking her, she complained constantly about it hurting. After a while of her constant nagging, I finally busted a nut and called her a cab. After paying her, she asked if I would pay her extra for fucking her so hard. To no avail... Then she called her friend and was arranging to meet other clients when she got back downtown. I mentioned that if she was in pain, perhaps she might want to not have sex again in the same night. To which she scoffed.

Funny about taking their pic after they turn up lame. Felt like I was taking a mugshot.

Bitter Face Naomi

Naomi DR.JPG