I picked up Jessica from the Del Rey on a Tuesday afternoon. Jessica was very friendly and won me over with her personality. We agreed to $60 and headed to my hotel. The sex was slightly above average. Although, I had to really use my imagination to bust a nut with this girl, but that's not what landed her in this section. Back at the Del Rey, she agreed to take naked pictures, but changed her mind after we had sex. We argued about it for a few minutes, but I could see that she wasn't budging, so I wasn't going to waste anymore time arguing and paid her $60. After I paid her and rejected her annoying request for a tip, she went to the bathroom and left. A few minutes after she left, I noticed that she stole the hotel's complimentary bars of soap and the hand towel. I'm surprised she didn't steal the soap dish! Jessica is a thief and a liar! This earns her a spot on Ticaland's wall of shame!!!

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