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Thread: Katherine - Del Rey

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    Katherine - Del Rey

    My experience with Katherine on my last trip is the worst time that I've ever had with a girl in Costa Rica. As I wrote on the girl review section, here's my horrible session with this cunt! When we got to the room, she went to the bathroom and stalled there for at least 10 minutes. When she finally got out, she was bitching about how many girls I fucked. Yes, she actually counted my used condoms in the garbage can. I should have kicked her out, but decided to continue on. She began giving me a lackluster covered blowjob. Then after about 30 minutes of fucking, her cell phone alarm rang. She claimed that our time was up. She said that she'll only continue if I pay her $100 instead of $80, and that only her $100 customers get the full hour. I had enough and told her to get the fuck out. She continued talking shit to me as she got dressed. She kept calling me cheap and told me a story how a guy paid her $300 just to go out drinking with her. I reluctantly paid her $80 and she threw another fit when I refused to give her money for a taxi. I believe Katherine is either crazy or on drugs. Whatever her issues are, she's a a bad performer and a fuckin' bitch!

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    Yeah I session with this bitch. Lame and uninspiring....I could have done a better job with my left hand. After our session she was in the bathroom for about 15 mins....must be doing c*ke in there. At least I only paid her $60. Next day she ask me to session with her....told her to f*ck off.


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    Wow what a shame...she is pretty good looking...Sometimes the 100 sound barrier makes a difference....I know we have to stand up and offer less just because there are bargains out there and who doesnt want to save a last trip I broke down and pulled a blondie out of the DR and got GFE for TLN for was well worth it ....I found myself really missing her during the day so I gave her cien for 3 days in a row...we really hit it off....but when bitch like this is really a cold fish and a scammer it ruins it for the good ones....good riddance to this one.

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