I plan on visiting San Jose and/or Jaco in December and was hoping for more advice. I'm not completely new to mongering, but haven't done it since living in Asia in 2015. Before that I lived in Vietnam and Thailand and learned the ropes of mongering while there (i.e. Saigon/HCMC and especially Pattaya). Now I am living in the States and am looking to visit CR since I've never been there before. However, I am also looking into perhaps visiting Colombia (Bogota?) and on the back burner I am considering visiting Jamaica, but I haven't heard great things about Jamaica for a lone dude visiting. I do like black chicks, so that was the main reason for considering Jamaica (I also hear the DR is fun, but unsure about going there).

I think SJ or Jaco could be fun and I hear there is a mix of latina (GASP ) and also darker-skinned women in Costa Rica, or at least Jaco. I also like mature women, so I'd be on the lookout for them while visiting. I enjoy getting a massage (or massages ;-) ) during the day then chillin out at night at the bars and relaxing and if I meet a tica, that's cool, but not a must do. Nowadays I'm more into getting a girl from a massage parlor as opposed to a strip club/gogo bar. Unrelated to mongering, I also like seeing historic sights and prefer places with less touts when abroad, if possible (I enjoyed Mexico City while there). If a city outside of SJ/Jaco may be a better bet, I'm open to it too for future reference.

Lastly, as I understand it from the guides, for ST you shouldn't pay more than $50 in SJ/Jaco? That was generally the consensus when I was in SE Asia as well, so hopefully it's still the case.

Any advice for a CR newbie is appreciated and thanks again!