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Thread: Terrorists... Lesson from the Russians

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    Terrorists... Lesson from the Russians

    OK... Putin is a de facto Emperor with a HUGE god complex... I've stated that before...

    I have no love for Putin, but his way of dealing with terrorists is quite effective, and I admire it.

    This is where I think the USA needs to be... take a lesson from Putin.

    Sherman, set the Wayback machine for the year 2002. Chechen rebels seize the Moscow theatre which is hosting the production of the play "Nord-Ost". It's actually a very good play... I saw it about 6 months after the "Siege."

    In 2002, several Chechen rebels took control of the theatre and made a few demands. Putin basically responded with "Let the hostages go... and we'll let you live." I think that this kind of "Cowboy-ism" is what the USA has lost. The hostage-takers certainly seemed to be totally befuddled by the response of the Russian government. They were certainly taken aback when, 2 days later, the Spetsnaz came in and exterminated the hostage-takers. The 40 terrorists were killed, but 130 hostages were also killed. Here's the kicker... the Russian military and government respond with basically "Yeah? And What?"

    You have to understand... to the Russians, killing 40 terrorists with 130 hostage casualties is an Acceptable Outcome. If you grew up in the USA, like me, then you don't understand what it's like to be invaded, to have your countrymen slaughtered, and to face annihilation. The world forgets... The Soviet Union and China had more of their people killed during World War II than every other nation in World War II... COMBINED. They don't teach you THAT shit in History 101 in John F. Kennedy Junior-High-School... do they?

    As they say... The Winner gets to write the history books. That's why folks in the USA don't really understand what happened in World War II. Yes... It's true that D-Day resulted in a lot of bloodshed. A lot of U.S. and other Allied soldiers lost their lives during that invasion, which eventually ended the Nazi assault upon the free world... and that is EPIC. But how many U.S. schoolchildren know about the 20 Million Chinese lives lost during WWII, and the horrible atrocities committed upon the Chinese people by the Japanese Empire? How many U.S. schoolchildren know about the 26 Million Soviet Union lives lost during WWII, and the atrocities committed upon the Soviet people by the Nazis?

    Those history books used in U.S. schools are not doing anyone any favors. U.S. schoolchildren are not learning about the real world. To the Chinese, in general, the Universe would be a better place if the Japanese were erased from it. I'm not saying that's a good viewpoint, but I am saying "How many people understand where that is coming from?" How many U.S. schoolchildren know about the true story of Pearl Harbor, and the treatment of U.S. Prisoners-of-War in Japanese prisoner camps? If they did, those children might say, "Hell, Yes! Drop that A-Bomb! Drop that Fucker Twice!" ... instead of that anti-A-bomb bleeding-heart shit that we have to listen to every year on the anniversary of Hiroshima.
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