I meant to mention this last week, but I forgot...

Nature Air has a great deal on tickets for 2017. Actually, the tickets are good from right now (as soon as you purchase the deal) until the end of November 2017.

I know that this won't interest everyone, but it will interest some of you, or you can pass the info along.

Here's the link to the deal on the Nature Air website:


You DO have to be a citizen or resident of Costa Rica to purchase this package. However, even if you aren't a citizen or resident, you could use this package to buy tickets for "friends" who are citizens or residents.

The price for the package is $500, and it includes 20 tickets... 15 domestic one-way tickets and 5 international (Managua or Bocas del Toro) one-way tickets. There are a few restrictions, but no blackout dates, which makes this an insanely cheap deal. I'm not a shill for Nature Air... this is just really cheap. If it fits your circumstances, then you should definitely buy it.

The price for the package works out to $25 per one-way ticket. The only extra fees not included in the tickets are the $29 per flight taxes on each of the 5 international tickets, and the airport taxes at La Fortuna/El Tanque, Quepos/Manuel Antonio, Tambor, Managua, and Bocas del Toro. You'll also pay extra for anything more than two small bags with a total combined weight of more than 25 pounds, and large items like bicycles, surfboards, and golf clubs.

The number of one-way tickets for both domestic and international flights are odd numbers, which means you would have to purchase 2 one-way tickets at the regular price to finish out round-trips. However, at least domestically, you could do a circle flight like SJO - El Tanque - Quepos - SJO. I got around this problem by buying two packages for myself, which means 30 domestic tickets and 10 international tickets (even numbers). I bought the packages separately on two separate occasions, because even though there is no mention of a limit on the number of packages that one person can purchase, I didn't ask the question because I didn't want to know the answer. I got 20 round-trips for $1000 ($50 per round-trip ticket)... Not Bad!