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I recently read this article regarding the question, "Why Did the USA Drop the Bomb on Hiroshima?"


The simple answer is... "If You Don't Acquiesce to the Demands of the USA, the USA will Drop the Bomb upon You." Personally, I agree with that policy. If I were a Sovereign State under threat, and I had access to Nuclear Weapons, I would absolutely use them upon my enemies, with the statement, "We Have Nuclear Weapons, and We Will Use Them!"

So... Why did the USA drop the bomb on Hiroshima? And Nagasaki? Because the USA was determined to Win the War, and defeat its enemies. That's why. It really doesn't matter how delightfully anyone wants to paint the situation... The USA bombed Japan into Submission. End of Line. The USA had already spent several years at war with the Nazis, and then the Japanese Empire had attacked Pearl Harbor and engaged the USA in a second theatre of war. The USA was ready for the War to be Over With, and if it took an Atomic Bomb to do it, then so be it. As Yamamoto said, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." At that point, the entire USA was ready to bomb Japan back into the Stone Age, or... even worse... Genocide the entire Japanese race. It's actually quite a miracle that Japan even still exists, because there were plenty of people in the USA who were demanding the genocide of the Japanese, at the time.
Ok, I love this board and the forums. Mr. Speedy1, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts, especially the ones where you are messing with people. You sir, I would love to sit and buy you a drink. I have made up my mind to take my vacation in CR, note: it is the first one in over five years.

One of my passions is history, specifically WW2. Because of that, I am going to step into this thread (yes, I know I am asking for it), and give my two cents.

1. Why did the USA drop the bomb?
I agree that it did send Stalin a message. However, the toll of the war in the pacific was downright horrific. Japanese solders do not surrender. There are documented cases were civilians threw themselves off cliffs, just to avoid surrender. Truman knew all of this. He also knew that an invasion of main land Japan would cost more lives than both Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. The final decision was to basically show the Japaneses what real hell on earth looked like, thus then the emperor would surrender.

2. The USA was not in direct war with Germany for two years before Pearl Harbor.
What FDR did was what we are currently doing in the middle east, he sent "advisers" to England. The public at the time would not have tolerated full troop deployment. This is why the theory that FDR knew that Pearl Harbor was going to happen, and he let it happened, as so much weight behind it. FDR wanted the USA in the global war, but the public did not. That is until the US was directly attacked at home. At that point, FDR was able to get Congress to declare war on two fronts, and get the funding needed for full scale deployment.

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