So... I was in downtown San Josť today... which I hate... and some "Winner" comes up to me spouting off about AmEx Platinum and all of the benefits that he gets from them... free upgrades, airline club access, etc. and so on and so forth.

At first, I engaged in the conversation, thinking that perhaps he was seriously trying to exchange some real information, but after a minute or two, I realized that this was simply a conversation about bragging rights. Beware the "Me Monster", guys. He will strike when you least expect it. Sure... I have been that guy on occasion, myself... but only when I was trying to make a valid point. This guy kept going off, so I eventually waved off, and he eventually went away... no harm done. My thing has always been... I will talk like an expert, on those subjects about which I am an expert. When another subject comes up... I will keep my mouth shut. I think that it's a pretty logical system.