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Thread: San Jose May 26-31..

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    Hotel Taormina
    Hotel La Amistad
    Sportsman's Lodge
    Dunn Inn
    the recently reopened Hotel Little Havana
    Even Zona II

    Not only does the Sleep Inn have a high chica fee (I thought I remembered $25, but was told a client paid $35 recently), they also make you (and the chica) fill out paperwork.

    Used to stay there all the time (in the days when I kept it in my pants). And we've sent literally thousands of people there since the 1990s (not many thousands, but a lot) because we supposed got a "special rate" for our fishermen.

    Turns out our "special rate" is their internet rate. Asked them why they never comped my room and I was told "why should we?".

    Fuck the Sleep Inn.

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    Thank you all very much for the hotel etc suggestions...I already feel I wont be so alone in Ticaland after all .. As for Speedy's comment about Hard core holes barred mongering ..cracked me up ..reminded me of my romps through Philipines/Cambodia/Thailand in late 80s and most of the 90s..back then I was a merchant marine and if the ship is in port I wont go back to the ship until i have not a penny left and no brothel will comp me food and pussy ... well desire is there ...but fuel cells have cooled down a bit some stories to tell...but that should better be done over beers in Ticaland see y'all (some of you I hope) over there..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MM54 View Post
    Turns out our "special rate" is their internet rate. Asked them why they never comped my room and I was told "why should we?".

    Fuck the Sleep Inn.

    A "Comped Room" in Costa Rica? That'll be the day!

    I'm almost entirely sure that the phrase "Comped Room" can't even be translated into Costa Rican Spanish.

    Capitalism, as people who live in the USA understand it, simply Does Not Exist in Costa Rica, folks. It's going to be a Long Time before anyone starts comping rooms here.

    I made my first "Scouting Trip" to Croc's, in Jacó, during the first month that Croc's was open. It didn't take long to figure out that Croc's had Single-Deck Blackjack and free drinks for all gamblers. Croc's had... prior to its opening... billed itself as the first "Real" Las Vegas-style casino in Costa Rica. After my first visit to Croc's, I was saying to myself, "Holy Crap! These guys weren't playing around!" On subsequent visits, I have noticed that Croc's has not deviated from its theme. Croc's "free drinks for gamblers" has even migrated into San José... at least to some extent. I still haven't been comped a room, though. Ahhh... that's OK...

    Croc's has done well for itself in Costa Rica. Let's see how it goes for one more year...

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