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Thread: Del Rey vs Key Largo

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    Del Rey vs Key Largo

    Hi..I just got back from my first Costa Rica trip a week ago and I wished that I had found this website sooner! There's so much info on here that would have helped me out and I could have avoided some newbie mistakes. I only stayed 4 nights but got the opportunity to stay at the Sportsmen Lodge and Del Rey for one night each.

    I liked the rooms at SL better but Del Rey was definitely sensory overload in terms of eye-candy. I noticed that Key Largo was right across from Del Rey and part of the same ownership but didn't get a chance to go in since I was short on time. Key Largo seemed more like a bar with live music from what I saw of the outside. Do they have working girls there? What's the major different between KL and HDR? I always hear about Del Rey and Sportsmen but not as much about Key Largo when I look at forums online.


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    Key Largo has live Latin American music every night and a DJ area, I enjoy the music and the dancing. 3 bars and the girls just walk back and forth, Largo is usually busier on Friday, Saturday nights, It also serves a nice dinner meal, ala carte every night for about 8 dollars. Not as busy as it used to be but still fun.

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    Hotel Del Rey (HDR) and Key Largo (KL) are, in fact, owned by the same group. The two venues simply represent a way of presenting the business in two different ways. HDR is a 24/7 venue, including a hotel and casino, whereas KL is more of a weekend party venue. It's kind of difficult to say which will be busier on any given Friday or Saturday night. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to bounce back-and-forth between the two, for both the guys and the girls. The restaurant adjacent to KL -- the Del Mar -- is actually quite good. If you order food at 4 a.m. in HDR, you'll see the guy scurrying across the street with your tray, when your order is ready. I ordered the Eggs Benedict at 3 a.m. one morning in the Lobby Bar at HDR, and when my order arrived, I had to admit, "This is Pretty Damned Good!"

    The reason that you don't hear as much about KL as you hear about HDR and SL, is that KL is not a hotel. It's just a night-club. People don't talk about it as much, because it's not a place to Stay. Nevertheless, it is a venue that you want to visit in the Gulch.

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