This one has pissing me off for a while now, and I'm finally taking a stand!

Last week, the latest installment of the "Divergent" series came out... "Allegiant, Part 1"

Before I continue... I Love to watch movies... all kinds. I suppose that makes sense, for someone who spends over half of his waking life sitting in front of a computer screen. But I've always loved the cinema. Back when I was flying on an airplane for over half of my waking hours, I often filled those hours by watching movies, among other things.

Back to my story...

I have never followed the news coming out of Hollywood that closely, so I had no idea, until last week, that the final installment of this series was going to be a 2-parter. That was it. That was the last straw. I am getting sick and tired of the studios milking these trilogies and other such projects for all that they can get. Let's face it... The only reason for making this a 2-parter is so the studios and cinemas can squeeze another $10 or $20 out of each of us who want to see these films. I find it insulting. I don't mind paying good money to see a good film, but it's impossible to deny, any longer, that I and the rest of the movie-going public are being scammed.

How in the world did they manage to squeeze 3 movies out of "The Hobbit", when it only took 3 movies to do the whole "Lord of the Rings?" "Hunger Games" was the last offender, turning its third installment into a 2-parter. The first movie in that series is still the best one, and part 1 of "Mockingjay" positively Sucked.

I don't mind going back again and again to see an "ongoing" story, such as the James Bond movies or The Avengers movies, but... come on, guys... 3 books equals 3 movies. There may be some justice here, as "Allegiant, Part 1" appears to be suffering from some serious franchise fatigue. GOOD! I hope it falls FLAT! I'm paying almost $50 bucks, here, to see ONE story... and that's not cool.

The sad part of all this is that... before I moved to Costa Rica over 3 years ago, I had not been to the cinema in over 10 years. I always waited for the DVD/Blu-Ray (or Netflix), and watched the films at home. Then, I moved to Costa Rica, where a ticket to the IMAX is just slightly more than $11, while it's almost $20 at my last home in the USA. The IMAX here in Costa Rica is awesome, too. I'm pretty sure that I have permanent hearing loss from seeing/hearing "Interstellar" at the IMAX about a year ago. Now I have a girlfriend, and at $11 a pop for an IMAX ticket, going to the movies is Fun again. Well... It was fun... until I finally got tired of this "Part 1, Part 2" shit.

I'll still go to the IMAX, but I'm not going to see this "Book 3, Part 1" crap... EVER AGAIN. So... Here's my pledge...

I will Never, Ever go to see a 4-part trilogy at the cinema again. As soon as I find out that the film-makers are milking the story for one extra film, they're not getting a dime from me. Oh... I'm still going to see the film... but I'm going to see it FOR FREE! I'll borrow the Blu-Ray from a friend, or whatever I have to do, but I won't pay a penny to see those films.