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Thread: Is Copacabana Hotel at Jaco Tica friendly

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    Is Copacabana Hotel at Jaco Tica friendly

    I'm headed to Jaco in the 1st week of April and looks like all the regular places are sold out- Cocal as well as Morgan's Cove. Does any know if Copacabana adult only hotel is Tica friendly ?

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    copacabanna is a swingers hotel, it is definately tica freindly , it might even be beastiality friendly.

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    Depends upon what you consider Tica friendly? There is no resistance to allowing the girls to visit, but, they do charge for the additional visitor.

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    As pokerplayer said, Copacabana is a swingers hotel. I stop by Copacabana about 3 or 4 times each year, and I like the place, but it does have its weak points. Yes... the working girls are welcome, but depending upon the current guest list, you may find that you and your "activities" are not as welcome as you would like. Copacabana loves to charge you extra for every girl that you take to your room. Even if the staff says they won't charge you for guests... they will.

    You'll also get the ol' "down the nose" look from the swingers and same-sex couples who are staying at Copacabana. If you're a "dirty old gringo" who is in Costa Rica to bang 19-year-old hookers, you're in a different class than the more "genteel" swingers and same-sex couples. You're the "Trailer Trash", and they won't let you forget it. If you don't really care what anyone else thinks of you, then you're OK. Copacabana is an awesome resort. If, on the other hand, you do care what other people think of you, prepare to be ostracized.



    Excellent Example:

    One of my "Unofficial" clients... a good friend from Cheltenham, UK... visited Costa Rica for the first time, 3 years ago. He's in his mid-30's, and so stinking rich that he wipes his arse with $100 bills. But... He doesn't come off as rich guy, at all. He's the kind of guy that would rather drink an Imperial than top-shelf liquor, and he'll hang out with you, drinking beer and eating wings, at a dive bar, all night long. You can imagine this guy's surprise when he is given the ol' "Trailer Trash" look from the moment he checks into the hotel. He called me up on his first night, and said, "Ey! What the Fuckin' 'Ell with these Fuckin' Cunts 'ere, Eh?!" I answered, "What?" He said, "I SAID... These Fuckin' Cunts are ridin' my ass like they found me under Fuckin' Rock, what? Fuckin' 'Ell, Mate! Get me the Fuck outta this Fuckin' place an' away from these Cocksuckers most scoche, por favor!"

    Well... I warned him. But he didn't listen to me. But he's a friend... so... at freakin' midnight, I got him up to the Marriott Los Sueños for the night, and got him into a villa in Los Sueños the next day. Copacabana is kind of a "Members Only" club, so be prepared for that.
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