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Thread: Be what ever you want at the Del Rey!

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    Be what ever you want at the Del Rey!

    I was at the Del Rey last week, had a wonderful time, I always notice the guys that check in when then first arrive! It is funny to watch the roosters and peacocks come in, you can tell they are fired up and ready to meet the ladies! I saw this one guy that had to be at least 55 to 60 years old with a skin tight spiderman t-shirt and a dew rag, at first I laughed to myself seeing this outfit then I thought about it and said, Hey. be what you want to be! Turn back the clock, have fun, the girls don't care, do you think they are going to say, geez this guy is dressed silly? That is why CR or the DR is so great, you can be what ever you want (as long as you have some money) lol and have a great time!

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    This kind of thing is actually a lot of fun. I don't go downtown too much any more, so I'm not recognized as often as I used to be.

    It's all just a fantasy anyway. Nobody is going to give a girl $60 or $100 at HDR, marry her 3 months later, and live happily ever after. So why not have some fun with it? Dancer21's "Spiderman" guy had the right attitude... "Fuck it! I'm on vacation! I can be whoever I want to be, and I am going to have a good time doing it!"

    I don't dress up like that guy did, though. My preferred style, when I'm in the mood for a little fun, is to do a little "Mind-Fucking." Most of these girls, even when they're "Trying" to snag a client, are so busy playing on their Smartphones that they're not really paying attention. I can spot that attitude a mile away, and usually, that's my "green light" to commence with the head games. I'm probably the guy behind most of the stories in the gulch about Gringo tourists who claim to work for the CIA... and working for the CIA is one of my less-imaginative ruses. Have some fun with these girls, guys! It's worth it!

    I usually just make stuff up as I go, depending upon the girl's responses, but here's a hypothetical example of a conversation between me and a working girl at HDR. She approaches...

    She: Hi, Baby! What's your name?

    Me: Johann Sebastian Bach.

    She: Really? Sebastian is a Spanish name. Actually, there is a district of San Josť named "San SebastiŠn".

    Me: Yes. That district was named after me, but I can no longer call myself "San" or "Saint." The Pope took away my Sainthood when I publicly declared that all Catholic Churches should face South instead of West.

    She: Oh... Well... Where are you from?

    Me: Nuuk, Greenland.

    She: O... K... Is this your first time in Costa Rica?

    Me: No. I was in Costa Rica in the early 1980s, flying airplanes out of Costa Rica for some dude named Oliver, back and forth to Nicaragua and Honduras. I was flying cargo. Those were some big boxes, too. Oliver said the boxes were full of portable air conditioners and mosquito repellent.

    She: Well, would you buy me a drink?

    Me: Sure, as long I can choose the drink. It is a custom in my native tribe in Greenland for the man to offer the girl our customary drink.

    Bartender: Can I help you?

    Me: Yes. The lady would like a "Liktakoo Mawamba". It's the customary drink of my tribe in Greenland. It's one ounce of Whiskey, one-half ounce of milk, one teaspoon of salt, and three olives.

    [if the girl hasn't run away yet...]

    She: Would you like some company?

    Me: Sure.

    She: Well, it's $100 for one hour.

    Me: Oh... I'm sorry. My mom only lets me spend $50 for pussy. (yes, I stole that from "Full Metal Jacket")

    She: OK... $50. Where are you staying?

    Me: I have my own apartment, about 10 minutes from here. Let me ask you... What do i get for $50?

    She: Whatever you want, baby!

    Me: Perfect! I need you to paint the walls in my living room, take out the garbage, and scrub the tile in my bathroom.

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