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Thread: Thanksgiving Fail...

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    Thanksgiving Fail...

    When I speak about failure in the Service and Hospitality Industries... specifically as it relates to tourism in Costa Rica... this is what I'm talking about...

    This is a Fail...


    A nice little Thanksgiving Dinner, Croc's? What kind of dinner? What's in it? Oh... Special Menus... That's awesome... I guess. How's about this, Croc's...

    Tell us What the Fuck You're Serving, and skip the Mysterious Bullshit!!! How's about that, Croc's? Jesus the H. Fucking Christ! What is up with all of the guessing games? How can so many savvy restaurateurs and hoteliers be so fucking inept at what they do? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Am I a Hotelier? NO! Am I a Restaurateur? NO!

    Believe me... In my line of work, I have listened to more than my fair share of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers whine and cry about how people just don't understand how difficult their lives are. Well... Guess the Fuck What?! If you're a Restaurateur or a Hotelier who has heard a lot of complaints from your customers who "just don't understand how difficult it is to be a Restaurateur or Hotelier"... I have a secret to tell you...

    None of your Customers give a Single Living Shit how difficult it is to be a Restaurateur or Hotelier. They don't care how difficult it is to fix a flat-screen TV at 3 a.m. or how difficult it is to find Salmon off-season. Either address the situation, or be a 2-star Restaurant or Hotel for the rest of your fucking life. Do you know what sets the World-Class Restaurateurs and Hoteliers apart from swine like you? When they feel like whining, they Shut the Fuck Up, and they Get Down to Business! Yeah... I'm talking about YOU, Dunn Inn, and Hotel La Amistad, and a few others who know who you are...

    When you tell a customer that it's Their Problem, or that the problem will be fixed "In the Morning", or when you question a customer's complaint... Your "Two Stars" are showing.

    You show me a 5-Star hotel in the Gulch, and I'll show you 3 stars that are homesick.
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