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    Hooters Escaz˙

    A good friend of mine is in San JosÚ for a few days. He is a really good friend, but he is also one of those people who refuses to believe that people living in locations other than the USA have different cultures and different beliefs. So... I took him out to the Hooters Escaz˙, at Plaza Itskatk˙, a couple of nights ago. This was a deliberate set-up on my part, as I knew a couple of the girls who would be working that night. My buddy claimed to be interested in seeing how Costa Rican culture "Interprets" the Hooters concept, even though he can't wrap his head around any idea that involves anyone being different from his concept of what he perceives as "Normal."

    So... We walk into the Hooters, which is pretty normal-looking on a weekday night, at first glance, compared to a typical Hooters in the USA. One thing that is immediately apparent at a Costa Rican Hooters is that every single girl in the place meets the definition of a "Hooters Girl", perfectly. Every single Hooters Girl in Costa Rica is wearing a Hooters Top and Shorts that are on the ragged edge of bursting at the seams. Ticas are voluptuous and curvy by nature, and they love to show of their bodies.

    The waitress that I knew was working that night immediately walked up and said "Hi" to me. She chatted with me and my friend for a couple of minutes, then took our order. She was very flirty, in the typical "Hooters Style." What my friend didn't realize is that, in Costa Rica, that is not "Hooters Style", it's just normal Tica behavior. When she came back with our drinks, I encourage my buddy to talk with her about working at Hooters. Exactly as I expected, one of the first things that she said was, "I just don't like the socks and shoes. No self-respecting Tica would ever wear 'Tenis' (sneakers) and athletic socks in public. But... It's part of the Hooters uniform. I think the socks and shoes make me look like a lesbian."

    When she left, my friend asked me, "What was that all about?"

    I told him, "Ticas don't wait tables in sneakers. Waitresses in Costa Rica wear High Heels or Wedges... or sometimes, fashionable sandals."

    Soon thereafter, he saw one of the waitresses walk out of the restaurant. She had finished her shift and was going home. However, she was still wearing her Hooters uniform. My friend said, "That's unusual. Most girls change out of the Hooters uniform before they go home."

    I said, "Well... You won't see much of that here."

    He said, "Why not?"

    I said, "Because the 'Hooters Uniform' is basically the exact same clothing that every Tica has worn since she was 9 years old. Guys in the USA look at a girl wearing a Hooters uniform and think, 'Wow! Sexy!' Guys in Costa Rica look at a girl wearing a Hooters uniform and think, 'Looks like a regular Tica outfit, except the shorts are bright orange, the shirt has Hooters printed on it, and they make her wear those ugly lesbian-looking shoes.' "

    Another thing that you'll notice at Hooters in Costa Rica is that the customers are pretty even mix of male, female, and children... and nobody (other than the Gringo tourists) is looking at the Hooters girls. Why would they, when the Hooters Girls look like, and are dressed like, every other Tica walking down the street?

    When he asked me about the flirty nature of our waitress, I just told him, "That's just a Tica being a Tica. It doesn't have anything to do with Costa Rica."

    Honestly... Costa Rica has to be the easiest country in which Hooters has ever operated.

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    This is not my first such experience with this particular guy... who is, indeed, a good friend of mine. But he has never been able to stretch his brain around the concept that people and cultures around the world are truly different.

    His basic assertion has always been, "People are still basically the same, no matter where in the world you go."

    I have tried to tell him, many times, that that is simply not true.

    A few years ago, we were sitting at a bar in Kazakhstan, and there were also a couple of girls sitting at the bar. Absentmindedly, I said, "I'm tired. I'm going to take one of these hookers back to my room and then get some sleep."

    My friend said, "How do you know those girls are hookers?"

    I answered, "Ummm.... Because they are sitting at a bar in Kazakhstan... That's how..."

    "Just because a girl is sitting at a bar, that doesn't make her a hooker."

    "Yeah... Actually... In Kazakhstan... It does mean precisely that."

    He said, "That's Bullshit!"

    I said, "OK, Mr. 'Everything I was brainwashed into believing in the USA applies to everyone, all over the world.' Watch This!"

    I walked over to one of the girls and said, "Hi. My name is Speedy1. If you go to my hotel room with me, right now, and suck my cock, and swallow my load, I'll give you $40. And if you swallow my friend's load... that's him, over there... I'll give you another $40." She immediately got all happy and giggly, and said, "Da! Da! Da!"

    My friend said, "That's just wrong, dude."

    "Why? That's the best news she's heard in months. We just paid her rent and bills for the entire month. She's happier right now than she'll be for most of the rest of her life. Them's the hard, true, facts, Dude."

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