The SL announced their annual Thanksgiving Dinner this morning. As always, it's All-You-Can-Eat. Although the SL is one of my favorite places downtown, I'm no shill for it. I just think that this is one of the best Thanksgiving dinners in Costa Rica. Every once in a while, you do get just a little bit homesick, and this is a good way to cure it. It's also about the only U.S. holiday in Costa Rica that hasn't been completely reinvented by the Ticos. Don't know the price yet, but it's usually about $10 or $15, and don't forget, it's all you can eat... except for the pumpkin pie. Everybody gets one slice of that... just too darned expensive to have a pumpkin pie free-for-all, Bill told me. They had real homemade-style cranberry sauce one year, but I think that got too expensive, too... I don't know for sure, so we'll see what the sauce is like this year, when we get there.

Bill told me once that this is his biggest weekend all year, even bigger than Halloween and Superbowl, and he and his entire staff are exhausted by the time the weekend is over. It's never really as crowded as it is on Superbowl Sunday or Halloween Party Night, but it starts Thursday Morning and just doesn't stop until Sunday Evening.