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Thread: Thinking about Costa Rica....

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    Thinking about Costa Rica....

    Starting to think more seriously of my return trip(s) for 2015. Was invited down several times this past Summer to fish and passed - did manage two trips to Panama under the guise of "business". Might do a mongering / sightseeing only trip this Fall (i.e. a no fishing trip).

    Likely fly into SJO stay there for a few days at LaAmistad or another place (open to recommendations always). Last trip I stayed there and its a great place the one downfall (for me) is lack of an elevator. Like the 3rd floor rooms, the up and down will get old real fast.

    Been staying in touch with a nice Nica I met last trip, I hear from Her every three weeks or so and zero requests for money.

    So just watching the airfare, its still extremely overpriced given the price of oil so hopefully will snag a good deal from EWR or JFK.

    Anyone else going in October/November/Dec/Jan ?

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    I'm seeing $340 out of JFK for October, on AeroMex... or you go nonstop on United for $435. That's not bad at all for New York. In fact, $350 - $400 is about what it costs the airlines to fly the seat from New York to SJO and back, but you're always subsidized by cargo and higher-paying passengers.

    I see that United Airlines has Declared WAR on Spirit and Southwest. How DARE they intrude into the HOLY Continental Airlines Houston-Latin America Market?!

    $232 Round-Trip on United Airlines from IAH to SJO?! I've never seen THAT before!


    La Amistad is a nice, quiet place. Plenty of other options, but the ones with elevators are vastly different.

    October is a great time. November and later gets significantly more expensive, really quickly. It's all about the "Dry Season" and Holidays. Personally, I love this time of year. Sure, we get some rain every now and then, but the Central Valley (San Josť) and the Pacific Coast beaches normally just get an hour or two of rain, and then it moves on. It's actually quite refreshing, and I save money by not having to run the air-conditioner all the time. This is the time of year when I do most of my own traveling, both for business and pleasure. I just paid half of the regular price for 2-night weekend stay at a resort in the Jaco area, about 2 weeks ago, and I'll be going back for the same deal at the end of September. There's also very little traffic (once you get out of San Josť), and no crowds. We practically had this whole huge resort to ourselves. No waiting in line for check-in, check-out, dinner, breakfast, etc.

    Other than the traffic on the roads, you'll notice that it's not crowded at all in downtown San Josť. The crowds at places like HDR are smaller, but there are still people around.

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