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Thread: Wife and I... Team monger questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nojokedeal View Post
    we mind our each its own is our motto. I guess it sounds like copacabana was a good choice then for us. I just want the option of chatting it up with a tica my wishes and just walk back to room, all without leaving the hotel. I do plan on seeing cocal casino for the experience but i know my wife would not like it ....only because she does not look like a working girl and it usually throws some ticas off seeing me with her. we did not get the all inclusive because we want to get out and drink and eat around the town. Hopefully that will not be too expensive and we were hoping to see alot.
    For swingers and couples, Copacabana would definitely be my first choice. The restaurant and bar at Copacabana is usually quite good, but if it is your first visit to Costa Rica or Jaco, that was a decent call not to get the all-inclusive option. Absolutely, especially at this time of year, get out and see the town. Jaco is pretty much a regular ol' Costa Rican beach town during the day -- small, but densely packed with cars and locals. At night, the keys to Jaco are turned over to the working girls and the people who are looking for them, depending... At this time of year, Jaco is actually quite lazy and quiet at night, with a few exceptions for Friday and Saturday night and a few other random occasions.

    If you're a Casino guy... as in, you really want to gamble... skip Cocal and head to Croc's. Cocal's casino is for Shit, whereas Croc's is run at least 90% to Vegas standards. Working girls in Croc's can be found in the main bar at night, but Croc's will kick them out if they start harassing the customers, so they just sit there waiting for you to approach them. It's a very low-pressure environment in which to meet some working girls. If she's not obviously with a guy, and she's sitting at the bar, she's a working girl. It's that simple. Word of caution: the working girls at Croc's are used to high rollers, so don't expect any bargains. It is a very low-business time of year, so stick to your guns and don't get fleeced. Eventually, one of the girls will negotiate a reasonable price.

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    Thanks again guys. Sounds great..... "buyers market" nice!!! Gonna start working on my negotiating skills now.

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