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Thread: San Jose, CR vs Cancun Mex

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    San Jose, CR vs Cancun Mex

    I had opportunity to be in CR for 10 days and then I was able to fly to Cancun for two weeks. I should of went to CR again! I am an older single guy and even though the Mexican ladies were nice, they did not compare to Tica's. Cancun was great but more for families and couples even though they had two brothels right in the Hotel Zone district. A lot of the tour guys were asking me to check it out and I finally did. Nice place in the back of busy storefronts, One guy explains to me what kind of place it is, $350 to $500 for one hour, the cheapest was 1/2 hour massage and BJ for $200. Plus the charge for the exchange rate if paying in dollars or CC. All this info without seeing one female, I guess they walk them out once you commit. Another place was actually in a Mall! Chili's was downstairs, one of many restaurants and shops and this place, I guess a massage place by day and a brothel by night. So if you have a nice meal, you can go get laid after, just go up two flights . I went inside and they wanted $20 just to look around, I declined. I guess in downtown Cancun, they have SPA'S which are cheaper but to be honest, I didn't feel that comfortable there, people were not as friendly and I did hear many stories of theft. So long story short, I like CR a lot better but I had just been so I wanted to try something new. Should of went back to CR!

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    wow, thats muy caro!.
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    Yeah mongering in Cancun is so so at best, better to try and pickup a tourista at one of the many many bars and watering holes catering to Americans, Canadians etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuyGuapo View Post
    Yeah mongering in Cancun is so so at best, better to try and pickup a tourista at one of the many many bars and watering holes catering to Americans, Canadians etc
    I've been to Cancún a few times. It's important to remember that the vast majority of people who visit Cancún are Gringos who like their "foreign" trips to feel like they're still in the USA, and Cancún happily obliges them. On the other hand, there is also always the 20-ish crowd that firmly believes that Cancún is a place where they are exempt from all laws and generally-accepted standards of public conduct. Many of the cops in Cancún, as well as many of the natives who live in Cancún and/or work at the resorts and bars think, that all Gringos are idiots, and I don't blame them.

    As far as finding working girls, it takes time to weed through all of the bullshit in Cancún... the pimps and taxi-drivers that want to help you out, the girls quoting outrageous prices for practically no service, the crappy/overpriced bars where the working girls work, etc. I don't visit often enough to really know anyone, and I have no intention of increasing my travel to Cancún. It's immature and overpriced for the mongering world. I do like a good all-inclusive vacation, but you can get that in Guanacaste just as easily, and it's easier to find good working girls there.

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