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An interesting article. Harsh treatment by the Colombian government. Personally, I'm happy to see it. Only a few governments have dared to call Uber on its illegal tactics.

In Uber's own words...

"No new player can offer this luxury service under the current conditions as all the quota are monopolized.”

OK... "Quotas" and "Monopolies." Those are the result of laws. LAW... a word that Uber's executives should look up in the dictionary. You don't like the "quotas" and "monopolies"? FINE! Get the Law Changed! Just because you don't like the law doesn't mean that you can just ignore it.

Don't think that this really hurts Uber...

Colombia confiscates those cars, who gets hurt? The owners of those cars... not Uber. That was their plan all along... Uber is Immune to retribution. Only the "employees" get hurt. That's the pure beauty of Uber's business model... Uber rakes in the profit and shares none of the risk. What can Colombia really do to hurt Uber? Absolutely Nothing!