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Thread: "This place is going downhill"

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    "This place is going downhill"

    Ok, I arrive in San Jose, after being 5 days in Jaco (had a great time). I have been to CR 7 times now and yes I enjoy myself each time. This trip though I have a Debbie downer gringo come up to me and start complaining about how the Rey has gone down hill. First of all please don't come up to me and complain when I am on vacation. That is pretty much the last thing I need to hear. That night I counted at least 100 girls at the Rey! Sure not all of them were all stars but come on, how can you not have fun! I have gotten to the point where I recognize the regular girls and they know me, even the girls I have never been with, I am always amazed with the female mind, they do not forget a thing! I saw one lady I hadn't seen in a year and she greeted me like I had been on a desert island and just returned. We spent almost the whole night together, drinking, dancing, playing the machines and the bedroom exercises, she had remembered things I told her that I had forgotten about months and months ago.

    So if you come to CR with a bad attitude, go somewhere else. Sure you might get a bad girl here or there, but just kick them out (I did) and get another and she was wonderful. San Jose is not the most beautiful city in the world, but there are many venues to try to meet women, working or not. I am enjoying Jaco a bit more and even there I met a girl I knew and we spent 3 days together. I only paid for meals for the both of us and sex at night. Anyway I enjoy both places and come to CR to have fun! Pura Vida

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    I agree. I also get the guy's point.

    It all boils down to, "Are you going to be Negative, or are you going to be Positive?"

    Has the HDR gone "downhill?" YEP. It has. Is it Dead? No... Not by a longshot.

    I do see the inevitable change coming. It will come... it's only a matter of time. It pays to be aware of that and adapt.

    However, as Dancer21 says, there is NO REASON to come to CR and whine about how horrible it is and go back to your room, alone, and sulk. There are a lot of ways to enjoy yourself here. Things change... they always have... and they are changing now.

    My recommendation is don't get stuck in "Del Rey... Del Rey... SL... Del Rey... Cocal..."

    Adapt, explore... the CR monger scene is changing.

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    Just got back from San Jose (after a great 4 day outing in Jaco) and stayed for 2 days and while I do agree with the general consensus that the monger scene in San Jose isn't the greatest now (been CR mongering around 7 years) and while there are still a bunch of girls at the Del Rey, what I can't figure out is that for a Friday and Saturday night, the Key Largo was really empty. I mean it did pick up little bit around midnight but I remember when it started rocking as soon as they would open on any given weekend. I mean it would get really packed. I'll probably start hanging out more and more at Jaco. Its a shame.

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    I have noticed that to, maybe they need to update the entertainment, same bands have been there for a while, I like the Key Largo, I really learned how to Salsa there and not many gringos do. I like the way it is laid out with two different music venues and the bars and outside area's. I wish Jaco had a popular Latin dance club. I do enjoy the monkey bar and orange pub though. I hope the Key Largo doesn't close, I would go more to Jaco if it did.

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