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Here's another picture of her. Notice the tattoo. Don't let that amazing smile hypnotize you, she's evil.

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The prettier they are, the more evil they are!

Actually... That's not entirely fair. However... It is accurate to a very large degree.

Guys... It pays to watch yourself with these girls.


Now... I'm NOT saying that all girls with tattoos come from rough places. On the other hand... I am saying that if a girl has a couple of tattoos, there is a 90% chance that she is coming from "Pimp-and-Puta Land."

If there is anyone on this board who is coming down to Costa Rica for the first time, or who has never been to the home of any of these girls... Let me enlighten you.

You can say that I'm fulla shit all you want, or that I'm exaggerating, or whatever you want to say. These girls that you meet in the HDR, the SL, and all of the other venues in The Gulch, every night, live in the the most knock-down, drag-out, ghetto gangster places that you have ever imagined. Of course, I can't say that's 100% true... but I can say with a complete certainty that it is 95+% true. So... Let your conscience be your guide.