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    My Trip to Thailand

    Stopped off in Prague for a night on the way east. I went to one of my favorite clubs, Lotos, all the way out to the end of the red line at Haje. The guard told me I was too early (it was 8 pm) and he had no girls. I said that later was not an option because of the metro being under repair and replaced by a bus.

    So he said he could activate one of the ladies. Out came Maria, whom I have seen three times before. I was happy she was still working, but i'm pretty sure that my four times seeing her span more than a decade. Her midriff is starting to show her age but her breasts are still delightfully perky. She was wearing a sheer covering that allowed her nipples to breath.

    Maria is a tallish girl with a, perhaps, plain face and thoroughly delicious figure. The great thing that endears me to Maria is her shy/not shy contradictory persona. If I catch her eye and smile, she will invariably smile and laugh. It's a laugh that sounds nervous and happy at the same time. She creates the illusion that she is both shocked at what you want her to do and avidly interested all the same.

    The shower head was broken so I said, let's get in the tub. I got washed most thoroughly with attention to detail. Bj was covered, as is par for the course in Prague clubs (I'll tell you about some exceptions another time). As I remembered, Maria is very orally oriented.

    All around, it was exceedingly good fun and a happy reunion with a lady i hadn't seen for four years. Cost was 2000 crowns, officially $81 but closer to $82 at the rate my bank gave me.

    On a lark, I asked if I could take photos. I never expected her to agree but she did. So I now have a collection of nude poses and she seemed quite into it, using that laugh the whole time.

    When I came out, a girl named Valeri was dancing in just her panties at the pole. I told her I would be back in two weeks.

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    Spent all night on the plane to Phuket and slept only an hour at the beginning and another hour toward the end. I feared that my whole first day there would be a wasted on sleep. It turned out somewhat better than that.

    I had my hotel send a taxi to meet me at the airport. This is a ridiculously good deal compared to what tuk-tuk drivers want just to take you to the next town. Rode for an hour in an air-conditioned van to get to my beautiful resort in Caron Beach. After a couple of hours sorting my gear, I was ready to head out. Still hadn't slept.

    Had five beers at a little bar on a side street nearby. Chatted with the girls for hours. Fun but none too stunning.

    Took a taxi to Otop Market in Patong. Went to Peter's Bar first and had just missed my friend Loop, who opens the bar each day and then leaves sometime between 3 and 4. After another beer, I had dinner at a forgettable Indian restaurant. Came back to the next bar over from Peter's, the Up Yours Bar. Talked with Mo, a long-legged, sweet-voiced Thai girl, whom I've had a thing for since I first met her two years ago.

    Can't quite figure out how to win Mo over. She knows I have a thing for Loop and that may contribute to her reserve. Many Thai girls back away if you are perceived as a "butterfly", flitting from one to the next. She is quite shy on top of that. But we had fun; I was her only customer. We played the dice game and picked out music to listen to and closed off the plastic curtain around the bar when the downpour came.

    Then Mon showed up to work. She's a little older, lean and slender, and smokes a lot. Yet, somehow, I'd do her in a heartbeat. It then occurred to me that if I became too obvious about hitting on Mon, I'd almost certainly lose any chance at Mo forever. After some thought, I decided to play it cool until I could talk with Loop, one of the least jealous Thai girls I know. She should be able to tell me who I have a chance with and maybe even intervene on my behalf.

    Walked over to Bangla Road. Crazy as ever. I was looking for some of the bars that Loop has worked for in the past and accidentally stumbled on the new bar opened by my friend, Bernie. We chatted a little but he was pretty busy greeting his regulars. He had quite a few real stunners there, not surprising for the all-night bars on Bangla. I asked him which girl he recommended. He said that, while he didn't test the offerings himself, there was one that had had a good review. I went over to her and shook her hand and then she promptly got on stage to take her turn at the pole. Either my timing was off or hers was.

    Took a taxi back to Caron at about two in the morning. Thought it was going to be another day when I have to say, How could I possibly be in Thailand not getting laid? Went to the Pen Bar, though I needed another beer about as much as I needed a power drill up my ass. A not terribly pretty girl came over to talk and when I politely turned her down she said, maybe you want to talk to one of my friends.

    I looked over and was immediately intrigued by one of the ladies there. She was petite, over 40, with dark skin and a shiny white smile. I was simply interested, in a way I can't really account for. I went over and sat down next to her. Her name was Jass. We talked for a while and she readily agreed to an overnight, which pleased me as I believed that, my time zone having been at beer o'clock for over twelve hours at that point, bedroom heroics would have to wait until well after dawn.

    Not so. After a brief bit of confusion at the front desk about whether I needed to pay a guest charge, we were up in my room and getting down. I had had about two hours sleep out of the last 40 and had jumped six time zones in the last three days, but it didn't show so much. I could have hallucinated the whole thing, of course, but I think it was real and really good.

    I must have passed out while she was out on the balcony, smoking, because i don't remember her coming back in. When I woke up, I thought for a moment that she was gone and then realized she was curled up next to me. I slowly woke her up and then had what I'd have to call the best morning sex I've had in many years.

    It's so hard to get women to understand how much I want sex first thing in the morning, when my testosterone level is at its highest and my blood alcohol is at its lowest. They promise to stay and then fake a cell call that takes them away on some imagined errand at oh-dark-400. I know I snore, but just deal with it, OK?

    No such problem with Jass. It was girlfriend experience on my schedule and my terms. Loving it!!

    Took her to breakfast in the hotel. Then we went back to the bar where we met. Had a few beers and said my good-byes. I have her number.

    Went to the fish spa to celebrate. This is just about the creepiest sensation ever. Try to relax while hundreds of little fishes are nibbling at your skin from your toes to halfway up your legs, I dare you. It always amazes me to see the stronger fish pushing their bodies halfway out of the water to get at places the weaker fish can't reach. What are they getting out of this, I wonder?

    Back in my room. I should take a nap, but it's 2 in the afternoon and time to start all over. Oy!

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    I took a taxi to Patong and reached Peter's Bar at 3. First thing Loop said to me was, "Why you come so late?" Not only had the night shift called her the night before to let her know that I been there but also two other friends of hers had seen me walking around Bangla Road looking for her. I'm used to being more anonymous than that.

    We chatted for a while and then she asked me if I had brought the perfume she wanted. I said, "What perfume was that again?" She said, "It ok, we go to store."

    After her shift we went out to eat, too early to be dinner for me and a late lunch for her. She claimed that her "lunch" was her only meal of the day. Then we went to the department store for her birthday present.

    Last year she talked me into buying a shiny ring she liked. I think it cost me about $15. This time she upped the ante quite a bit. At 3000 baht, this bottle of perfume was scraping up against the dark underbelly of the $100 mark. Still, I thought to myself, good things tend to happen to me when I am good to Loop. So I went for it.

    We said our good-byes and we agreed that I would meet her later at the Jolly Bar, her night job. I decided not to waste money on a taxi to my hotel and back so I wandered around Patong and bought some small items for my travels.

    Showed up at the Jolly Bar about 9. Loop got me situated with an ice cold beer and a cold cloth for my face. When I was properly settled she indicated one of her sister bar girls and said, "For you."

    Gorgeous just doesn't say enough. This girl was stunning and fresh and sweet. She was the Girl Next Door, the Cheerleader, the Homecoming Queen. What's more, the instant I nodded to Loop that I had accepted her choice, Tao, her name was, became pleasantly affectionate toward me. She began kissing my neck and laying her head against my chest without a moment of awkwardness.

    I had to be sure of one thing. When I could get Loop's attention, I said, "Is she old enough?"

    "She 22." Then, of course, the girls had to discuss this in Thai. I turned to Tao and said, "You look so young!" and she said, "Oh, thank you." It's a funny world where a 22-year-old feels she should thank me for saying she looks like a teenager, but that's how I knew she was legit.

    We went back to my hotel and had a great time, evening and morning. She was so sweet to me the whole time. The only time she was even a little bit short with me was when I came on her face, and all she did was, when I said, "Shower?" she said, "Me first."

    Later we watched a little tv and I began to drift off. When she turned out the last light, I said, "Good night, Beautiful." and she said, "Good night, Good Man."

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    Tao had told me that she wanted to get going early in the morning so she could sleep all day. At one point she mentioned that she had spent a week in a hotel a few weeks ago and I don't think this was to brag. She was just explaining how hard it was to flip her schedule over when this happened, to eat when it was light out and sleep when it was dark. So we had an early session and then went to breakfast at 7 and found a taxi to Patong at 8. We found her scooter near Bangla Road and she was off home. I then found myself on my own on the quiet morning streets of Patong hours before the bars would open.

    I met a taxi driver and chatted with him for a while and eventually negotiated a trip to the Big Buddha. Four trips to Phuket and I had never visited the Big Buddha. It's well worth a look. It killed time anyway.

    When I got back I headed to Peter's Bar and Loop was there early, opening up. I told her that Tao had been very, very good to me and that I was tired and would probably stay in Caron that night. My secret plan was to catch Jass again that night. So I hung out with Loop for a while and bought her a few lady drinks and then went back to my hotel.

    Picked up Jass at the Pen Bar. We went to a couple of music bars and enjoyed the kind of music that we were both old enough to remember. We each had about 5 beers after leaving Pen and, while that was nothing for me, it was maybe too much for her. Back in my room, she had been out on the balcony smoking for a while, so i went out to check on her and found her crying. Seems that my hotel reminded her of some German guy who had been there for a month and then dumped her. "I don't love him but I was happy. I don't understand my heart," she said. I said, "I can comfort you but I can't fix this." She told me that she needed a little more time and then she would come inside.

    She made it up to me with a passionate session. I couldn't complain much after that. The next morning, though, was different. After trying to wake her up a few times, I said something like, "We have to do our thing soon so we can go to breakfast before it's over." She said, "You go, I sleep."

    I took a shower, composing a speech the whole time about how I wasn't bringing her there for an overnight so she could sleep all morning while I went about my day. When I got out, I skipped the speech and just tore off the duvet and said, "Time to get up."

    When she took off her sleep mask, her eyes were all swollen and red. She blamed this on my not letting her sleep, perhaps forgetting about her teary dramatics the night before. We went to breakfast and then to the bar. I had one beer and split, resolving that she was no longer a good choice for an overnight.

    Right around the corner I was, as usual, accosted by a beautiful massage girl. These massage places are ubiquitous in Patong and Caron. They bring you in with a very good price, under 12 bucks, for an hour of massage. After a short time, usually involving a very good Thai massage, they ask you if you want to upgrade to boom-boom.

    So, not having had my morning delight yet, I accepted the invitation. The massage was good, very erotic. But when the offer came it was 1000 baht for a handjob or 2000 and she would disrobe and let me touch her. I said, "I can have sex with any bar girl for less than that." She said, "I'm not a bar girl."

    So, impasse reached, I actually had a 400 baht erotic oil massage without extras, my first one in Phuket. Her name was Pat. For the rest of my stay in Caron, i would pass that place on my way to and from the bars and she would ask me when I was coming back in.

    That night I was hanging out at a bar and chatting up the bartender. I thought we were making a connection. As i was paying my bill, she asked if I wanted company for the night. I said, sure, so so called over a girl named Mei. I should have been wary about taking someone I didn't have any rapport with, but my guard was down. She turned out to be a pathetically bad performer and I sent her away.

    Two nights on my own and I was doing miserably. It was time to see Loop again.

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    Went to see Loop the next day. We hung out at the bar for a few hours, I drank Chang and bought a few lady drinks for her. When she was done with her shift, she wanted us to get a couple's massage. We walked to some place north of Bangla Road that she had taken a shine to and sat there getting foot, leg, shoulder, and head massages while it poured down rain outside. When we parted, she to go sleep before her night job, we agreed that I would come around and pick up Tao again that night.

    I went back to Up Yours and found Mo on duty. We had a great time hanging out and talking. This was her last night before heading home for a visit to family and her two boys. She expressed the desire to tie one on that night and I offered that I might be able to help a bit toward that end.

    She told me a story about her birthday. It seems that she drank 42 shots that night. She pulled out the ledger book for the bar to show me. There, indeed, it said that she had had 42 drinks. More interesting was the note that she was only reimbursed about 800 baht for that while some other girls who had had fewer drinks got more. I assume that her shots were very small ones.

    At one point she asked me if I had family and I said no. She wondered who would take care of me when I got old. I joked that maybe I should move to Thailand and find someone for that. She said, "Loop will do it, she good person."

    She went on, "Loop no go with anyone but you. Man say, I want you, and she say no. She no like. I don't know, she no like boom-boom, she no like, she no like, she no like. But she go with you, I don't know!"

    I mulled over this for a while and the conversation moved to other matters. Eventually I announced that I needed to zip over to my hotel for a while. I promised that I would return and continue my part in helping Mo get drunk on the night before her vacation.

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    I returned close to the end of Mo's shift. We slipped back into a comfortable conversation. She soon returned to her earlier theme.

    "It so good that you come back to Loop every year. I love her, she my sister. I lucky that I have family to see but she have no one. She have but no have. It so good that she have you. You good man."


    I said, "There's only so much I can do. I can only come for short visits at this point in my life."

    She said, "I know you no come long time, you no can send money. But you good person."

    At about this time I realized two things. The first was that there were forces swirling about me over which I had no control whatsoever. The second was that I had no chance with Mo, ever, and not for the reason I had feared.

    Mo's shift was wrapping up and she said, "Let's go see Loop." I was fine with that until i realized that her plan was that I ride behind her on her scooter. I joked silently, What part of me getting you drunk and then riding behind you on your scooter is going to turn out to be a bad idea? But we got to Bangla Road in one piece each and set off for the Jolly Bar.

    Things were crazy as usual. Loop, loyal to her boss, induced me to buy lady drinks for her and her closest friends. Tao was happy to see me but perhaps didn't know what to make of me bringing Mo along. Mo kept saying that I should pay the bar fine for Tao and then we could go to Ducky Bar.

    After some time I paid up at Jolly to the tune of 3000+ for drinks and 1000 bar fine for Tao. We went about ten steps away to Ducky and the girls wanted Tequila.

    I detected some friction, although they were speaking in Thai. i occasionally interjected "I love you both" but I wasn't sure it was helping. Then the mood changed. There were smiles. Tao turned to me and said, "She funny" and I agreed that Mo was, indeed, funny. Tao said to Mo, "You should come back with us." I thought, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, talk Mo into a threesome. Please, please, please.

    Paid up at Ducky to the tune of around 2700. Got a tuk-tuk to Caron Beach. Front desk had no problem with my bringing two girls back. Awe might, in fact, be the look I detected. We got to my room and I showed them the view of the resort, suggesting that we should take a dip in the nearest pool. They were up for it and so I soon found my self in my trunks swimming around with two girls in bras and panties.

    Shortly, Mo got sick and had to throw up over a balcony. We tried our best to comfort her. Back in my room, the girls prepared for bed. Mo had a towel wrapped around her and Tao had earphones in to listen to music. I started saying, "Hello, does anyone care that I just paid a 6000 baht drink tab to get you here? Do I, at least, get a blowjob or something?" Finally, Tao said, "Don't worry. We are here." That didn't offer much comfort.

    So, resigned to my fate, I said, "OK, lights and music off so I can sleep."

    Wonder upon wonders, as soon as Tao had turned off the last light, Mo began stroking me. I let my excitement build for a short while and then I took her, most gleefully, there in the darkness.
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