Passed through Jaco for the first time in ten years. Stayed at the Vista Mar and visited the Cocal Thursday (May 28th), Friday, and Saturday. Lots of Chicas, found some nice ones in the wallflower zone...

Compared to ten years ago the girls are more professional and business minded. I suspect the treatment from the girls could be a little different (more rushed) if you're staying at the Cocal or Vista Mar because mas trabajo is only a shower and a few steps away. Get them out of the place and they might slow down. Service was semi rushed or at least more deliberate compared to my prior experience. More of a market now I guess - Saturday night there were at least a half dozen large tourismo vans pulling up to a dozen girls out at a time.

The lower level aggressive types are omnipresent and in your face just as they were ten + years ago but the wallflower, shy, young, hot, awkward, bad English speakers weren't as GFE as I remember. I'm in good shape, young, attractive, decent Spanish, etc. but the girls don't seem as warm. Even the rookies were a bit cautious. Thursday and Friday had good numbers all night. Saturday night was a sausage festival with all of the real talent cleaned out by 10 pm.

Up front negotiations are required. Made the mistake of approaching things a little too casual with the first one and was surprised by the price and terms once I got to the room. Got that situation under control with more specific conversation before I left the bar with the other girls. $100 is minimum for top talent and $150 was the lowest initial price that I heard.

Pulled six girls in two nights (would have been happy keeping the first each night but there aren't any discounts of convenience). Nothing on Saturday as I got in there late and there was nothing to my standards available.

The highlights were a girl named Cathi (a sweet, shy, all natural Ferrari body, 20 yo with a face like an angel) and Jonesie's Elisabeth. Elisabeth has grown up some in a year since her chica of the month award. She was dressed the part of a $3k a night high class NYC or South Beach call girl wearing very expensive clothes, highlighted hair extensions, and impeccable make up, manicure, stature, etc. Her personality is great - very friendly. She takes care of herself, no drugs, no attitude, but talks a lot. She is definitely out of place these days at the Cocal. We exchanged numbers for a repeat session the following night but her Mexican cell phone turned me off some.

The moral of the story is that the quality of girls is there if the effort is put in...although a little more effort than what I remember with higher and more firmer prices. The volume of business has clearly gone up and with that the quality of experience has maybe gone down. It could be a timing thing with bachelor party season in full swing or it could be just how it is nowadays.

Hopefully this info is beneficial to some of you guys that haven't been there in a while.