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Thread: Jolly Roger -- Dominical

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    Jolly Roger -- Dominical

    I always HATE IT when I have to give a bad review on a place. I don't have a single grudge against anyone in Costa Rica. Seriously... Not a Single One! However, I do have to "Call 'em like I see 'em."

    In the case of a place like Jolly Roger, I feel obligated to publish a review, even though it is a bad one. At least one person at the Tico Times [ ] raves about this place. Well... I had a different experience at the Jolly Roger...


    I've traveled to and through Dominical at least 100 times, but I've never dropped by the Jolly Roger, until last week. I have been told by many people -- AND the Tico Times -- that they have the best Wings in Costa Rica. For those who want the short version... NO! They do not have the best wings in Costa Rica.

    So... I finally went to Jolly Roger last week. This requires about a 10-minute trip up a mountain on a gravel road. Maybe 5 minutes if you're willing to just floor it and scoot up the mountain without worrying about the potholes.

    They say that first impressions are always the best, and I tend to agree with that. If I had been just another tourist, I would never have walked inside of the joint... but I was there to write a review, so I had to go inside.

    Well... The very first thing that I noticed was that every vehicle in the parking lot was either a "Turismo" van or a rental car. That is almost ALWAYS a bad sign.

    When I walked inside, the usual "kitschy" tourist crap was everywhere. You know... clever little signs and all kinds of paraphernalia.

    There were Four people working... Two Gringos and two Ticos.

    It took a little while to get some service, but I don't hold that against the staff. There was obviously some issue with the computers and they were scrambling to fix it. That's OK. That can happen to anyone. I don't hold that against them. What I DO hold against them is the failure to acknowledge the customer's presence. You should always at least greet the customer briefly, even if it's just to say, "Hey, Dude! The computers just crashed. I promise I'll be with you in a few moments." You know... at least acknowledge my presence.

    The guy finally shows up at my table. I've already been inside for more than 5 minutes...

    Me: I heard the wings here are awesome. What portions do you serve... 6 or 8 wings?

    He: No. 12 wings is the smallest size.

    Me: OK. 12 wings. How many flavors can I order?

    He: Only One.

    Me: (looking at the menu board) But you have, like, 20 different sauces.

    He: Yeah, but it's too much trouble for the cooks to make more than one flavor, because we cook the wings in the sauce, to order.

    [ This always reminds me of the joke where a guy walks into his Doctor's office and says, "Doc. It hurts when I move my arm like this." And then the doctor says, "Don't move your arm like that." In other words, they prepare the wings in a manner that is easier for them. Who gives a shit what is better for the customer... Right? ]

    Me: OK, then... Just regular "Buffalo" flavor, then.

    He: Always a safe choice. (then he just walked away)


    At this point, I'm thinking, "WTF!?" That's it? No recommendations? Nothing?

    I look around the joint. The ratio is about 20:1 Gringos:Ticos, and those Ticos are all Turismo drivers. At this point, I am thinking, "Oh My God! This place couldn't be more of a Tourist Trap if they put a huge banner out front that says "Tourist Trap!"

    The service was abysmal the entire time that I was in there. Let's face it... One Gringo ordering 12 wings and 3 beers is not the "Cash Cow" that a van full of tourists is.

    My wings get delivered to my table. The "Buffalo" sauce is pretty much ketchup mixed with a little pepper, and has about as much "Kick" as Grandma's oatmeal.

    I heard the servers say, several times, "I can explain to you what the price is in U.S. Dollars and how you will receive your change, if you like."


    Don't go to this place... Ever! Just DON'T!
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