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    Power Projection

    I've been with my girl for over 3 years now. This one took some convincing, but once she saw the benefits of it, she happily went along with it.

    Keep in Mind... She's just being an "Actress." That is something that it took me over one year to explain to her.


    Latinas are naturally fiery, and they will happily take over any conversation with a lot of loud talking, insults, foul language. and threats. I told my girl, "You'll be surprised what you can gain by breaking through that paradigm." She finally decided to work with me a couple of times on a "Trial Basis." She's been completely on-board with my philosophy ever since.

    Here's the thing... Tico culture is used to fiery women. They are completely impossible to control, according to Tico/Latino culture.

    My girlfriend and I will enter into a business situation. I'll start talking with the guy... But, of course, I'm a Gringo. He'll eventually look at my girlfriend and start jabbering away in colloquial Costa-Rican Spanish. He thinks that he is going to do the "Run Around" on me. My girl will patiently listen to him, then she'll turn to me, and I will say... "You may speak... and answer his question." She will answer me with "Gracias, Señor." And then she will answer the guy.

    Well... We just blew that guy's fucking mind! I can guarantee you that he has never seen THAT happen before. He will then speak with her for a little while, and then he'll usually approach me again... "Your girlfriend said that this was OK. Is it OK with you, Sir?" He'll try to show me some piece of paper. I push him and his piece of paper away from me.

    Me: Don't TOUCH ME! [sniff] Did she say it was OK? She speaks for me. If she said it was OK, then it's OK, so STOP WASTING MY TIME!"

    He: Yes, Sir. So Sorry, Sir.


    As I said... This is all an ACT! My girl knows it. But what do the Ticos that are working in these businesses think? They think... "This Gringo has his SHIT UNDER CONTROL. DO NOT FUCK WITH HIM!" When's the last time that they saw anyone... Gringo or Tico... That had a girl that had to ask permission to speak? NEVER! That's When! But you guys get this, right? It's so rare in Costa Rica, or any other Latin American country, that it just SCREAMS "Respect!" Once my girl saw how this works, she was totally on board. She can bitch me out all that she wants to at home... But in the malls and markets, it's all "Yes, Sir!" We save THOUSANDS of dollars every year!
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