Well... It has been a very entertaining week here in Costa Rica.

Semana Santa is starting, and as most guys know, a large percentage of the chicas go into hiding until Saturday.

However, this week has been "Off the Chain", to say the least. Many of the girls that I know that work in Jaco (particularly at Cocal) have made a Mint this weekend. In past years, I have also noticed that it is common for the week, and particularly the weekend, preceding Semana Santa, is a great time for the working girls. The apartment next-door to me (working girls) has been completely vacant since last Sunday. My girlfriend told me last night that the girls have been in Jaco all week, and that they both made over $2.5 K in one week. Yikes.

That's good for them, as most of the girls will be "off duty" until Saturday. Many of them won't be back on duty until the weekend is over.