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Thread: Chubbs Sports Bar

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    Chubbs Sports Bar

    If you’re traveling or are an expat in the San Jose area of Costa Rica, there are certain comforts of home that you miss. Good American bar food is one of them, a vibrant sports bar atmosphere is another. Chubb’s provides that and more. Started in late 2009 by a well known member of the gaming industry, named after the owner’s English Bulldog. Chubb’s was almost the hit that never happened.

    I remember dropping by to visit my buddy who had just opened the place, and the first months were quite slow. He mentioned to me a few months in that he was considering shutting it down because it wasn’t worth the trouble. You’d hardly guess that now. Chubbs Chubb’s has a very simple business model that is quite rare in Costa Rica. Good food, good service, and reasonable prices. A culture of hard work and friendly faces has been developed in the staff that passes on to the patrons. Many of the prices are the same now as the day the place opened. On any given evening, the bar and restaurant hums with locals and expats alike that have dropped by for a beer, dinner, or to watch the game.

    The décor is very much what you would see in a New England sports bar. Big screen plasmas circle the walls, with professional team logos painted everywhere else. Every conceivable combination of sports viewing packages are ready for even the most obscure request. The location is central to everything. Directly in front of Parque Morazon, two blocks from Avenida Central, and just 50 meters from the Hotel Del Rey, sharing the block with the Sleep Inn. Inside Happy hour is every day from 4pm to 7pm. Buckets of beer seem to be the most popular item ordered, with daily menu specials on a dry erase board. If you’re in San Jose and are not sure which place will have the game you’re looking for, Chubb’s is the best bet. You can have a good meal, meet some nice people, and not spend too much while you’re at it.

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    Chubb's also has a location in Escazu, and one that has recently opened in Sabana Sur -- not too far from where I live.

    I tried the Sabana location last week, and the menu is the same as downtown, as far as I can tell. The Sabana location is quite small, but it's got a nice bar, and our bartender/waitress was awesome. Very friendly and good service. If you've never been to a Chubb's, it's a Gringo menu, with a little Tico twist here and there. The pulled-pork barbecue sandwich that I had was really good -- but you can tell that you're not in Memphis or St. Louis.

    At any rate -- Highly recommended. I like to see good places do well and stay in business.

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