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    Taco Bar

    Taco Bar is a restaurant with locations in Jaco Beach and San Jose that provides an expanded menu of taco combinations and fresh ingredients. What makes Tacobar a little on the unique side, is that they provide a very basic taco presence, accessorized by their salad bar.

    Some of the Taco concepts are very interesting and unique. Many are quite tasty. Iím still not all that sure how I feel about them making the salad bar a central part of the concept. My humble opinion is that the salad bar doesnít really compliment the tacos very well. Growing up in Los Angeles, Iím accustomed to great Mexican style tacos. While I realize this is not Mexico, or a border state of the US, I do think that the Taco Ďcondimentsí should fit, or even compliment the taco basics. This salad bar seemed like an odd assortment of random items that just donít seem to match up with tacos. Donít get me wrong, they are good items to have on a salad bar, but if your central theme is tacos, itís a miss.

    Taco Bar

    I came in with a couple friends who swore by the place and sat down with an open mind, hoping to be impressed. Confused was more like it.

    The place serves good tacos. They also have a few other items that looked delicious from a seafood standpoint. But we were all hungry for tacos. I ordered the spicy tuna tacos, and I was impressed with the actual tacos. Once I tried to expand the concept to the salad bar was where things took a curve.

    The service concept can be a little confusing as well. There is no hostess, or at least wasnít one when we went in. The wait staff was very helpful, and the price point was a little expensive for what we got, but as this was a tourist area, it wasnít that much of a surprise.

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    most frequented restaurant during my week in Jaco mainly because I was with younger people (early 20's), I loved the potatoes from the salad bar as an addition and I had the fish tacos everytime I went. We nicknamed the place Costa Rica "Chipotle" so if you are familiar with the US Chipotle restaurant you will get a flavor of the place except its outside with neat swings for seats. It is a "chain" restaurant with multiple locations

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