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    This is a local hot spot among Playa Jaco locals. The funky décor is a mix of candle lit jazzy pizzazz and graffiti lined walls. On initial glance, you don’t really know what to make of the place. It’s in an almost forgotten strip center with an odd mix of forgotten shops that seem to serve little purpose but to provide an employee with an air conditioned escape from the humid Jaco climate.

    The bar menu is certainly unique, with drinks like the lemongrass and ginger martini, Cucumber and basil martini, to name a couple, nothing about this place is common. There is live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and a hip mix of locals that include local gringos and Ticos alike.

    Tuna Tartare at Graffiti

    The menu is equally unique, limited to local fresh ingredients. The creativity of the menu is the real attraction here. Menu items like Caribbean Snook topped with caramel soy, coffee rubbed beef tenderloin, and tuna tar tar tower are just a few of the whacky delicious items on this menu. Here’s a menu description of the Tuna dish: Pacific Poke Tuna, Sushi Rice, Fresh Guacamole, Cream Cheese, Pico de Gallo, Cilantro served with Plantain Chips. Hungry yet? And lets not forget desert, How about a peanut butter banana flambé, or a chocolate cheesecake?

    In a town like Jaco, there are no shortage of mediocre restaurants serving overpriced mediocre food to tourists they know they’ll never see again, Grafitti stands out as a high quality, alternative to the normally mundane culinary non adventure that is too common in Jaco.

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    I have eaten there 3 times with the last one being terrible.First 2 were what you described.They wont be seeing me again.

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    For my money the coffee rubbed beef tenderloin is the best steak in costa rica. I dream of it when i'm in the states.

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    I had the beef tenderloin on my 2nd visit for costa rican standards it was acceptable but not to be confused with a USA steak house IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trifectabox View Post
    I had the beef tenderloin on my 2nd visit for costa rican standards it was acceptable but not to be confused with a USA steak house IMHO.
    Damn Skippy... It is difficult to get a good steak in Costa Rica.

    But... There is a lot of high-quality beef here, and some of it is raised right here in CR.

    The problem is that Ticos are prone to cooking everything too quickly and too much. I have seen many a good piece of meat ruined here by an awful cook.

    First of all... You have to find the right place, that has the right meat. Absent that, you're not going anywhere. That part applies anywhere in the world.

    Next... You have to have to make it very clear that you don't want your meat ruined by an over-zealous cook.

    I say, "Rare! Do you know what I mean? Rare!" -- I'm not trying to be condescending, I just want them to understand that I am serious.

    Then, invariably, they ask what kind of sauce I want on my steak.

    I answer, "Why in the WORLD? ... would I want to pour some goop over a perfectly good piece of meat?"

    I continue, "You just get that sucker bright red in the center, still bleeding just a little bit, skip the Turkey Gravy, and bring it on over here when it's ready."

    If you can get 'em to do it, you can have an excellent steak in CR. Just remember that this is a foreign concept to most Ticos.

    I did have an awesome steak here about 2 weeks ago. I took a few moments preaching to the cook about letting the meat "rest" after he took it off the grill.


    If you want a decent steak, my number one recommendation in San Jose -- for now -- is the Don Fernando Guachipelin just south of Multiplaza Escazu. I think it is their newest store. I hardly even needed a knife. Exquisite.

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