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Thread: Tica time w/o sex - Fee or No Fee

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    Tica time w/o sex - Fee or No Fee

    I have had a few experiences where I was spending some time with a Del Rey lady, getting to know them, etc. but never pulled the trigger on doing the deed. Sometimes I just excuse myself and do the old I need to go to the bathroom trick then head out over to the largo or back to my hotel the Morazán. Should I least give the gal a few bucks since she spent time with me, usually I buy them a drink or two, what is protocol for this?

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    I'd say a drink or two is fair enough

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    Do unto others..... Time is money and vice versa. She's working. You're out for a good time. CR is a very small place.

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    If it was an honest endeavor and you finally decided that she was not your type, a hug and a drink or two is absolutely fair. I never felt "obligated" to do anything, but -- in my personal opinion -- her time is worth a drink or two.

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