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Thread: Fun With Chicas

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    Fun With Chicas

    Another from the "I'm Drunk and Can't Sleep Series" ...

    I am not the best at this game, but I am naturally kind of a Smart-Ass, so I can pick up on these tactics pretty quickly. I have 2 friends that visit Costa Rica about 3 times per year, each. They are masters at this game. Sometimes they are genuinely trying to snag a girl, and sometimes they are just trying to fuck with her mind. They are masters, and I am in awe. I take lots of notes and occasionally use what they have tried to teach me.


    Fun With Chicas...

    The first thing that most guys need to realize is that most girls think that they are in control of any situation involving a man, and they are usually correct. They look sexy, they bat their eyes, they nag, they cry, they look innocent, they look cute, etc. Girls are manipulators. Even the girls that don't think they are manipulators, are. They've learned their entire lives, subconsciously, to get the upper hand in any interaction with a man.

    And Guys... Make no mistake about it... Girls are very, very good at it.

    Think about it. How many drinks and dinners have you bought for Girls in your life? How many drinks and dinners have Girls bought for you?

    How many times have you given into a girl because she whined enough? As in... You caved in to her wishes, for no logical reason whatsoever. I'm not just talking about sexual relationships. Your sister? Your mother? Women, for generations, have perfected the technique of getting what they want from men.

    So... My friends... The "Players", as I call them, disrupt that concept. That's really all there is to it. I am very clumsy at it, but I understand the concept. You have to disrupt her "game", and bring out the honesty in her. This applies equally well to Moms, Sisters, Girlfriends, Wives, Strippers, and Hookers. All Women.


    Some real-life occurrences. Imagine a guy at a Bar, and a Girl approaching him. Could be a regular girl, could be a hooker. It doesn't really matter. This stuff throws them off their game, and, with regular girls, often makes them horny as hell. One important lesson... Curiosity is to a Girl as a short skirt and high heels are to a Guy. Guys get hot over visuals. Girls get hot over curiosity and mystery. That's a fact. Keep in mind that hookers have a business to run, and are often emotionally detached, which means that hookers will often just move on to the next Guy. But... Not all of them...

    1) Girl: Hi! How are you!

    Guy: I'm OK.


    Girl: Well... Aren't you going to ask me how I am?

    Guy: No.

    2) Girl: Would you like some company?

    Guy: I'm sorry, but I'm gay.

    Girl: That's not True! I know you were with my friend last night!

    Guy: Oh. I just meant that I'm gay for You.

    3) Girl: Do you like my dress? (or hair, or shoes, or legs, or ass, etc.)

    Guy: Not really.

    4) Girl: How about a drink?

    Guy: Sure. You can buy me a Vodka-Tonic.

    5) Girl: What do you like the best about Costa Rica?

    Guy: The Silence.


    You don't deliver these responses with hatred or spite. You are looking for a combination of indifference and wry humor. Keep her guessing. She loves it.

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    as Young player i agreed to every bit of it brother. well written. and explained.

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