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Thread: On My Way to Chepe

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    On My Way to Chepe

    I get into CR tomorrow Sat AM and leave Wed AM.

    Any advice for an old hand in CR who's a bit rusty regarding the local monger scene?

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    Got back to Cali yesterday. I had a great time in CR as usual. I picked up a cute 30 y/o Nica named Elena at the HDR and spend a couple of hours with her at the Dunn Inn.

    The next day I called a 38 y/o Colombian gal named Isabella who advertises on We spent a couple of hours at a motel near the USA embassy named "Las Nubes" I believe.

    On my last night. I went to the Pirate's Club. I got there about 7ish. It was full of guys and there was one 20 year old Nica gal available; so I grabbed her and went upstairs with her for an hour. While there, I told her that I like older women. She recommended a 36 year old Nica named Valesca.

    So I got Valesca to sit with me. We got a couple of drinks together and she basically lap danced all over me until I recuperated and responded with a hard-on. We then went upstairs for an hour and had a great time.

    I can't wait until my next trip to CR. I want to sample the ladies at the Cocal Hotel in Jaco.

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    I'll be in CR from Feb 8-22. I hope to meet some of you mongers in Chepe or Jaco while I'm there. Best places and times to do this? I'd like to become a permanent member here and buy a round or two of drinks.

    Also planning a 4 day road trip to Nicaragua while in CR with my cousin. Both of us speak fluent Spanish.

    We'll be in Managua and Matagalpa. Any recommendations or advice?

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    Here again. This time I'll be in CR until June 20th. I'd love to run into some of you guys.

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