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Thread: Working Girls - Sometimes??

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    Working Girls - Sometimes??

    I was in the Del Rey doing the rounds when I was there last Sept. A cute little thing came up to me and starting asking the usual questions but as I looked her over she was dressed more in a work outfit than the usual DR outfits. So I asked her, in pretty good Spanish, why she was dressed like that and she said she just got off work from the bowling alley! What was funny that a regular DR girl was standing right next to us really trying to get my attention like she was pissed off at this other gal for even trying, (without the outfit). So the bowling girl noticed this and grabbed my hand and took me away to chat some more. I didn't do anything with either girl but it sort of hit me how anyone can really just be a prostitute sometimes in CR. Need some extra money, have some sex, what the heck, I will go down to the DR after my shift

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    It is certainly possible, but I would not bet money that she had just finished working at the bowling alley. Most likely, it was a working girl trying to approach guys from another angle. And... that's a good thing, as far as I am concerned. That kind of inventive, playful personality is exactly the kind of infusion that the Gulch needs right now. Any girl at the HDR is a Working Girl... whether the guys believe it or not... That's why she is there. On the other hand... I have, on occasion, met the rare girl at HDR that is just looking for a meaningless fuck. If that's the case, then consider yourself lucky, because you just hit the jackpot! Hell... I'd be jealous that I missed that opportunity.
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    I have to say that I have met chicas there that did not seem hardcore, it seems that they were there to met someone not too gross and why phuck some cheap tico for free when they could make some money and have an assignation with a kind guy.

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