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Thread: Costa Rica vs. Medellin

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    Costa Rica vs. Medellin

    I'm often asked to compare the mongering scene in Costa Rica versus the scene in Medellin. Often being asked in a better and worse scenario. But the real story is a little different than that. Like many things, it comes down to what one prefers.

    I make no secret to preferring Medellin. But that doesn't mean another guy wouldn't prefer Costa Rica. Here's a bit of the layout of both places to illuminate both scenes and let each guy make an educated decision in what is usually an uneducated argument among different groups.

    The one thing Costa Rica has that Medellin doesn't is gringo oriented establishments. The Del Rey and Cocal are the most notable with their in your face, free market brothel style approach. Here, you'll find tons of ladies offering their services in a festive atmosphere that many gringos really like, myself included. Bonding with your fellow mongers while you browse for companionship can be a lot of fun. I've spent many an evening in the lobby of the Del Rey with my pals chatting up chicas.

    Another thing much more common in Costa Rica than Medellin is the amount of English spoken. Not that the population of CR speaks all that much more English than Medellin's, it's that you have tons more gringos in all corners of Costa Rica than you have in Medellin outside of Poblado. Although in recent years, there has been a surge in tourism to Medellin and Poblado looks like a high class version of the gulch. With English being fairly common. But outside of Poblado, English is not very common.

    One of the things Costa Rica has that Medellin likely never will, is an alibi. Costa Rica has fishing, nature, surfing, and tons of other things a married man can feed the wife as a reason to go to Costa Rica with the boys. Medellin is a great place, but it lacks the alibi.

    From a mongering perspective, Medellin's scene is more discreet. This has to do with Colombia's cultural philosophy of " Do as you wish, just do it discreetly". Make no mistake, it's a much bigger monger scene, Perhaps several times the size of Costa Rica's scene. But some wouldn't notice because of the quieter approach taken by Colombian brothel goers.

    As to quality, well, everyone has a different view on this topic. Ticas can be quite pretty, but Paisas have a numerical aesthetic advantage here. I don't know what they put in the Medellin water, but the percentages of beautiful women make Medellin a supermodel freak-show. Really hard to believe until you see it.

    Now let's look at value. The what you get for how much aspect. Here, Medellin handily crushes Costa Rica. Medellin's hundred plus brothels are priced toward a local consumer, and quality is in plentiful supply. Not to say you won't find the occasional gem in Costa Rica's locals-oriented brothels, it's just not the norm. Some of San Jose's local places host the highest percentage of ugly per square foot than anywhere in the Americas. Whereas the low end of Medellin's brothels still have several 8's on hand.

    Many of these dynamics have to do with supply and demand, local economic conditions, and amount of overall tourist exposure. About half of Costa Rica's sex trade clients are North Americans, while gringos only make up less than 5% of Medellin's sex trade clientle.

    Costa Rica has an advantage for non-mongering tourism. There are tons of nature oriented day trips and beaches to enjoy, while Medellin is a far superior city to be in, it lacks a variety of civilian tourism available in Costa Rica.

    Another dynamic to consider is growth and decline. Costa Rica's gringo monger infrastructure is much larger, but has seen a steady decline in visitors in recent years. Medellin's monger visitors have multiplied in recent years, causing housing shortages among the vendors catering to the hobby.

    As Medellin continues to experience explosive growth, it will see the arrivals of the Matts, the Bills, and other skilled entrepreneurs to profit from serving our community. It will likely also see arrivals of the Jeffs, Jimmys, Toms, and other wantrepreneurs looking to use Medellin as a pension toilet, but this will all be part of the growing process of Medellin.

    I wouldn't write Costa Rica off just yet. With the massive slump in tourism, the exodus of foreign investment, and a determination to rid the countries coffers of currency, Costa Rica's scene may see a surge in available talent. We shall see...

    Anyway, that's my view of both scenes and how they compare to each other. Feel free to have your own...

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    Jonesie is absolutely right.

    1) Different things DO appeal to different people. Costa Rica (especially the Gulch and Jaco) have been hammered so hard by tourists for at least 15 years, that the girls in those areas are hardly even Ticas (or Nicas, or Colombianas, or whatever, any more). For all practical purposes, most of those girls are Gringa hookers -- Even though they're not REALLY Gringas. There are at least 3 Gringas that periodically travel to CR to meet the Mongers in the SL and Del Rey, and do business there. Actually, the Gringa hookers do pretty well in CR -- they do know what guys want better than the CR hookers do. As far as the CR hookers go, I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but that's what they are, only worse, since the guys don't even live in CR, so the girls can REALLY treat them like shit.

    2) Colombia, for now, is much better as far as finding girls who really know how to please a guy. For many years, guys have been too afraid to go to Colombia because they're afraid that some drug lord is going to saw their head off with a knife. Now... that's changing. That's actually BAD for mongers, because the last time that I was in Medellin, I noticed that the girls there were already starting to get jaded with the Gringo tourists. Medellin is definitely not what it was 10 years ago. Medellin is probably about 10 years behind San Jose in becoming "Gringofied," sad to say.

    I have always preferred Cartagena and Bogota, but they won't be far behind Medellin. If I'm still alive in 30 years, I'll be sitting at a bar in Colombia having the same conversation that I have every night that I go to the SL or HDR: "I'm doing well", "My name is Speedy1", "No, it's not my first time in Costa Rica", "I'm from the USA", "Sure, I might like some company."

    The main trick is... No matter where you are, get off the beaten track. Keep walking until no one can understand you (nobody speaks English). Then, you know you're in the right place. Keep speaking English... That's the only way you'll know you've walked far enough away from the tourist areas.

    Just 2 nights ago, I was in a Tico bar. Of course, as usual I'm at the bar with one other Guy and 10 or 12 Ticas. Nobody in the whole place speaks a single word of English. A little jail-bait sidles up onto the stool next to me -- an ugly, balding, 50-year-old Gringo -- and says, "Hola, Papi! Como esta?" I look over and her luscious, perky 19-year-old tits are just spilling out of her bikini top. I play dumb and say, "No habla Español!" She immediately sports a wide grin, plants her chest in my neck and says, "No es importante, Papi!"

    And... A good time was had by all...

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