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    Petting Zoo

    In the Mongering world, be it Cuba, Colombia, Thailand, Philippines, or any other major destination, we come across incredible bargains for the company of amazing women.

    But many times, instead of enjoying a great situation, we try to tweek the game to benefit the ladies, and to some small selfish extent, ourselves.

    As westerners, we often just can’t leave a good thing alone. We’re being provided with a dream like scenario, yet we’re trying to reshuffle the deck.

    What am I talking about? You ask. Well, I’m referring to the petting zoo.

    The petting zoo is a massage parlor, soapy, casa, terma, or any number of terms or conditions set aside to give us an absolutely lopsided value of entertainment for our money. Someone has gone to the trouble of recruiting the ladies, providing the facilities, paid off the locals, and all for what most of us consider lunch money back home.

    So why is it we inherently try to rock the boat?

    By rocking the boat, we start thinking of ways to have the girl come over to our hotels or apartments, where she’ll make more money, and have a better environment. Sometimes this works out for everyone, but many times, it just leads to confusion on both sides.

    There are a few examples of the petting zoo. Here are a few.

    1. We have XXXhookernameXXX arrange to meet us at our hotel.

    First, we don’t know much about these ladies’ private lives. They’re sometimes married, live with their families, or any number of scenarios that makes them accountable to others who think they work in an office. Second, she doesn’t know why this stranger wants to meet her outside of the environment provided. As far as she knows, you could be jack the ripper. Otherwise, why would you want to meet her outside of a controlled environment and pay more for the same thing.

    2. These girls are a product of their environment, and that’s where they feel most comfortable. They know as much about our world as they do about brain surgery.

    We all wanna’ hook these girls up for doing us right, but things are the way they are for a reason, and we often don’t see all the moving pieces behind the pretty face.

    So enjoy the petting zoo, give the cute little animals treats and affection (tips). But close the fence behind you and wash up when you get home. These adorable creatures don’t belong in your world, nor you in theirs.

    Don’t even get me started with wifing up with working girls…

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    I never really gave it much thought, but you're absolutely right. There are a lot of different sides to this issue, and here's one:

    To use the "Gulch" of San Jose, Costa Rica as an example:

    There is a significant difference between MOST of the girls working at the HDR and SL, versus MOST of the girls working at the MPs. There are always exceptions.

    However, MOST of the girls working at the MPs do not want to be seen anywhere near the HDR, and MOST of the girls working at the HDR have no inclination towards working at an MP.

    For the most part, the MP girls just want you come into the "fun park", purchase your ticket, ride the ride, and then go home. The girls do generally take an interest in your experience -- they want you to have a good time, so that you'll come back and ride the ride again soon. However, that's about the limit of their interest in you. They don't want to meet you "after hours" or go for a "long time."

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    I usually agree with everything that Jonesie and the Wise Sir Speedy says, but I have to take exception to this. An example; I went to Relax, picked a very cute girl. We went to a downstairs room. No way of knowing how many clients the chica had since her last shower. The bed was terrible, you could feel the states beneath the thin mattress. The sheet was thin and threadbare. After the dreaded knock on the door I wanted to shower, but I didn't feel like covering myself and walking upstairs to wait in line at the small shower with cold water. Good luck in finding a towel.

    Same chica later at my hotel. I was in a deluxe room at Mona Lisa. Comfortable king size bed, clean sheets, no time limit, and an attached shower (to use both before and after) with plenty of hot water, and clean towels. A much better experience. And all the MP girls that I have asked to come to the hotel were glad to oblige.

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    And... This is why message boards exist. Oldtimer's experience and/or perception obviously differs from mine. He has a valid point. I have not experienced MP girls, beyond a few exceptions, who want to play outside.

    Maybe it's the guy, maybe it's the girl, maybe it's the financial situation involved.

    A good topic for discussion, gents.

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