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Thread: Flores o Plomo

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    Flores o Plomo

    So many years I dreamed of living in Medellin. Year after year, I'd lay out plans and set it in motion. Only to have something come up almost every year, making the conditions tricky to make the jump. I grew more discontent in Costa Rica, and my attitude showed it. I made the best of it, and tried to have as much fun as I could. And kept thinking to myself, 'someday'...

    Along came a pack of douchebags that felt it would be easier to have me deported than to compete with me in the CR market. Some of you know the story...

    So now I live in Medellin, and love it. It exceeded my expectations. The conditions weren't right, but I made it work. I've been back to CR a couple of times and was able to walk away on my own terms. All those clowns, wantrepreneurs, and pretend gangsters that talked all that shit about me are at each others' throats and are in different stages of bankrupting their businesses. Clown-Show...

    These days, I have the type of connections that could send messages and make problems go away. But who has time for that drama? I'm on the town in Medallo, and I have them to thank for it. What I should be sending their way are flowers and thank you cards. It wouldn't save them from self-destruction, but it would let them know I'm grateful...

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    Congrats on doing what you wanted to do and finding the place that suits you! Seriously. More people need to do that.

    I love Colombia, but it's just not the ideal fit for me, personally. Actually, I am not a huge fan of Medellin, but I positively LOVE Cartagena. Cali would be my "Fall-Back" city. I like Bogota too. Medellin is cool, it's just not quite my style.

    I know there is a lot of bad blood between you and some of the guys here in CR. I'd say... Let them go fuck themselves, and don't lose any more sleep over it. Enjoy life on the 6th parallel!

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