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Thread: Is my girlfriend on this site?

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    Is my girlfriend on this site?

    This is a first...

    Our friend, who we'll call Mike (snapdragon), Registers for the site yesterday. Then sends me this email this morning.

    "I accidentally sent in my credit card information yesterday to register for the site. I did not want to do this. Could you please cancel my subscription and refund my money. Thank you."

    I guess we'll expand the meaning of accidentally on this occasion. Registered at 11:32am, logged in 6 times, spend a total of 3 hours and 22 minutes on the site yesterday following the 'accidental' registration.

    "Mike, The site's analytics say you followed up your accidental registration by accidentally logging in, then accidentally perusing multiple pages... We're going to accidentally refund your money, it should post in 10-12 days. Get a note from your mommy before playing on the grown up part of the internet in the future...


    My best guess is looking for RFM sweetheart. I could be wrong...

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    That "Jonesie" Acid Wit operating at 100% Power!

    Although I would probably just quietly cancel the membership of any person who canceled within 72 hours of joining, with no comments to the guy, that's just my style.

    Forgetting my style for a moment, I have to agree that Jonesie is absolutely right on this one. "Accidentally sent in my credit card information" -- Huh?!?!?!

    You accidentally typed in a 16-digit Credit Card number, along with the correct expiration date, security code, name on the credit card, and the correct billing address? Dude... That's one hell of an "Accident." Why not just "Man Up" and admit that you regret joining the site and/or giving the site your Credit Card info?

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    Dipshit excuse.

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