Should I have written this a long time ago. Long time reader but I have only post once before. My Jaco advantages, I have been to Jaco twice in the past two years and love it more each time. Every night we made our way to Cocal, there is no where else in Jaco and this place is like nothing else. You get a feeling in your stomach every time you walk in, it is the best dirtbag feeling a man could ask for. On my first trip I was naive and did not know or understand what to ask for and expect, more on this later. Coral is a grocery store for men where money/alcohol/drugs will get you anything you can think of. This place is a 4 to 1 girl to guy ratio all the time and you can only not find a girl if you dont want to. This trip was a fog from alcohol non stop for 4 days. I believe the going rate than (2012) was $100-150. The one lady I do remember clearly was Jessica, I worked on negotiating this lovely spinner to put on a show for the guys back on at the villa. After few rounds of drinks and a lot of dirty dance (with her nude most of the time) and a OK BJ she was more than willing to fuck a wine bottle for 30 minutes while some of us watched. It was awesome and for around $100 (In NJ or LV this would have been $400 and the girl would have been a 6-7 covered in tats and not a solid 8).

After returning to States I started reading the forums and figured out I was not taking full advantage of my time, money and these beautiful ladies. For them this is all business and they want to get in 2 or 3 guys a day. However, for us this is all fun and we wanted to cum a few times a day if the balls will allow us. So I had a plan
for my next trip set for Fall 2003. I was planning on offering just a little more than the going rate and list my requirements.
1. I wanted to party back at the Villa for a few hours (drink/smoke, pool, dancing and talk)
2. Lots of teasing
3. 2-3 Fucks that night

Fall 2013 the road to Jaco was even nicer them I remember. This time most of my group were repeats and we all knew Coral was the only place for us. On this trip Coral was packed but for Sunday, it was last lease a 5 to 1 girls to guys. I had also decided switch to beer and bud for this trip, I wanted to focus on my plan.

First night: Coral, raining and jammed packed. This time I knew a good deal more Spanish but to my surprise almost all the ladies spoke English. My plan was a full go. The first few did not agree so I moved on. I like to walk around sole and there are so many ladies to choice from but the lady that caught my eye was talking to someone else. I tried a few more girls but not the complete package that I was looking for. So the lady that caught my early was still hang around this guy but I notice a site next to them at the bar and I move in. As soon as I seat the guy gets up a leaves without the girl. Perfect for me, I get her a drink and ask her to move with me to the casino bar (it is in the AC). Her name was Nina and she had a perfect body with a 8 face. Super thin waist with a nice apple bottom ass and huge fake tits. Plus this girl liked my plan and got a kick out of it, the deal was settled, $170 until I told I was done for the night.

Back at the Villa we partied for hours, fucked and joked around. The sex was good but not mind blowing. However, I can not get over how thin her waist was, my cock was longer than the depth of her waist from front to back, she looked like Joselyn Cano but whiter and not as tone. Over the few hours together we fucked 3 times but I was unable to complete round 3 and just pound away until I was dead, then she rode until we were both dead. This girls love sex more than anything, I was impressed. That night she told me she had a friend coming into Jaco the next day and that I would like her more than her and plus she would also hang out with us if she was alone. This could have been bullshit for all I knew. Told her I would meet them a Coral around 8.

Second Day: Beach, bar hopped the whole thing. I was hammered and could not find any day time action.

Second Night: Coral, raining and packed again. No show on my two girls. I
started shopping around and then they showed. Nina showed with her friend and she was a spot on 9. I never got her name and called her hotty that night. This hotty was tone and works out daily for 1-2 hours and it showed. This was a no panties type of hotty and I could tell this night was going to be insane. While at Coral I started testing the goods. Solid long hard legs with a huge rock hard ass, abs and huge fake tits plus the iconic perfect Colombian face and skin tone. We agree to the plan but for some reason I told her I would pay per fuck $80 (hotties and alcohol make me lose focus). She tells Nina to come over later (I knew this would never happen, I could never afford them together) and we leave with a few of my buddies back to the villa with their ladies in tow.

Once back at the Villa the partying started and the sexy freak come out. This hotty does not dance but dry fucks you well you dance. The teasing was great and I became rock hard, when we site to rest from dancing she kept sliding her hand down my pants to rub the head of my cock and some how her tits fell out of her dress for the world to see and its time to move to the room for round 1. This hotty is a pro and provided me some of the best sex in my life and it just round 1. This hotty does a lot of kegel, she was not tight and I was able to fuck her for any angle she but when she tighten that muscle it was like a hand was in there, fucking amazing. At one point I told her to relax it a little. After round 1 we took a break and relaxed and partied some more, to the point where she was also wasted. Round 2 and 3 where back to back and she was a freak waiting to be released. We started in the shower as I was promised something different earlier that night but she would not tell me. We fucked a little and she gave a nice CBJ where I focused on her pulsing clit while I seat on a shower seat. Any girl that does not orgasm from a good clit rub is a liar and she came uncontrollably. Now to finish round 2 we move to the room and she started sucking by rod. As I relax she moves to sucking my balls and removes the condom. I know this could have ended badly but I did not stop her or even think about it. She is now slowly jerking me while sucking gently my balls one at time and sometimes both, I am in heaven, relaxed and cum for what seem like a few minutes. She does not stop jerking. This is intense and she talks dirty to me until I get hard again. I almost passed out. This starts Round 3 and this time she told me not be nice. I gladly agree and the fun starts. She had the strongest leg on a chick that I have ever fucked and when I thrust she thrust just as hard back. This is a huge turn on and some ruff fucking and resulted in an intense orgasm for both of us. It seems unfair that women can have limitless orgasms all night and I only got 3. At this point she told me she was sore and she was done, plus I was not going to get a boner again. We hung out for an hour or two more and where both wasted when she left. I over paid but it was worth it, $240.

Third Night: Coral, packed. I wanted a different body type and was after a spinner. We got to Coral around 10 that night. It took me forever to find the right lady. Her name was Pretty (I assume it was really Linda) and she was a great looking spinner with tits and told me she was a regional pop singer. She had a red headed friend that was also a beautiful spinner that needed one of my buddies to play with. We agreed on $150 for two fucks and some hanging outs. Once we got back everything seemed normal with this lady but she would not drink while her friend did. Then she got all quite and did not want to hang out any more and asked me to just fuck her right now. Back in the room she freaked out and started crying and did not talk for some time. I was not happy and did not know that to do. This girl was telling me she at a had time with the job, which I told she was welcome to leave but then she told me she needed sex all the time and she loved el sexo. It was weird. Plus the whole time I was there nude and she was jerking my cock while she just figuring herself with tears in her eyes. She was nuts and was a little freaked out but she was hot. Standard CBJ, tit sucking and all the positions. She never stopped playing with herself even during the 10 minutes it took me to recover. Round 2 was all straight pounding. Spinners are nice for this, you can go extra deep. That second cum I worked for, I fucked her super hard and she told me I needed to tip for that, there was no tip for her. I was also fucked up, so I think it made her worst than she really was plus I got a story out of it and she did fuck good.

Fourth Night: Coral, emptied, maybe 25 people on the patio. I was sore from 3 amazing nights and was looking for a perfect 9-10 but I was unable to find one. I did not think this place would shutdown early on Sunday either and none of the girls returned. I should have pulled a $100 6-7. Instead I just got wasted.

This trip was awesome and I may have overpaid a little but it was worth it. Note, there are tons of $80-120 ladies but I wanted 9-10s which just cost more. Also all these ladies start at 200-300, never pay that for one fuck. Counter with $100 and start from there, if you want a BJ for 30 minutes ask for it before you leave and agree, make them earn your money. They will do anything you want and more.